Morphological study of the cotton seed bug, Oxycarenus hyalinipennis (Costa, 1847) (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) in some localities of Kurdistan region– Iraq

Pages 1-8
Bzhar H. Hamed; Nabeel A. Mawlood


Effect of mycorrhiza with phosphorus on daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus L.) Growth in calcareous soil

Pages 9-21
Omar A. Fattah; Hemn A. Mustafa


Study of thermal aggregation of growth traits in the branching and elongation phases of a group of genotypes in Coarse wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)

Pages 22-34
Niaz F. Radha; Khalid K. A. Aljubouri


Impact of Urea Supplements and Cultivars on Yield, Nitrate Accumulation and Some Phytochemical Properties in Lettuce Grown under Greenhouse Conditions

Pages 35-53
Hawar S. Halshoy; Salam M. Sulaiman; Haidar A. Haidar Arkwazee; Ayub K. Mahmood


Evaluation the performance of the locally Developed Corn Thresher Machine from Manual to Mechanical System

Pages 54-66
ayoob A. A. M. Al-Dola; Adel A. A. Rajab


Assessing the Antioxidant Potential of Ginger Aqueous Extract on H2O2 Induced Oxidative Stress in Local Rabbits: A Comprehensive Study of Hematological Parameters

Pages 67-73
Imad M. Al_jabari; Sarmad A. Alsaadi


Evaluation of herbicide in growth and yield of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and associated weeds

Pages 74-82
Mohammed A. Abdulateef; Ahmed M. A. Almashhadany; Nawaf J. Mohammad; Saddam I. Alobaidi


Effect of substituting synthetic methionine and lysine with herbal, with adding thyronine by 120% in low-protein diets of laying hens on productive and some blood traits.

Pages 83-90
Nazim A. Q. Zangana; Mohammed I. A. AL-Neemi


The effect of adding local myrtle leaves powder and industrial antioxidant Butylated Hydroxy Toluene to laying hens feeding on some biochemical characteristics and special enzymes against oxidative stress in laying hens blood

Pages 91-98
Mohammed A. Sadeq; Mohammed I. A. AL-Neemi


Effect of Some Medicinal Plants Extracts and Chemicals on Enzymes and Tissues Liver of Female Rats

Pages 99-109
Mohanad L. Khaleel; Feryal F. Al-Azzawi; Noor J. Fadhil


Effect of root stimulator (Rootex) and organic nutrient (Siapton 10L) on the growth characteristics of Cupressus arizonica seedlings.

Pages 110-124
Kana A. Mahmood; Danyar B. Mahmood


Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Levansucrase From Bacillus lichniformans MJ8

Pages 125-137
Mustafa M. Omar; Jasim M. Awada


Determination of the effect of soil and irrigation water quality on total chlorophyll, carbohydrates, and proteins values in cress, parsley, celery, and basil plants.

Pages 138-144
Elaf W. Mohammed; Rushdi S. Abdulqader


Biophysiological Impacts of some Herbs extracts as Antioxidants, an Advanced Contemporary View

Pages 145-161
Sarmad A. Alsaadi; Ammar Q. Shannon; Sarmad T. Abdulazeez


Effect of Foliar application of CPPU, CCC on growth and flowering of Rose plant (Rosa hybrida L.)

Pages 162-176
Sakar N. Star; Kefaia G. Alsaad; Osama I. A. Alzaidki


Effect of partial replacement of soybean meal by sesame seed cake on diet stability and growth performance of common carp Cyprinus carpio

Pages 177-185
Zana H. G. Kareem; Nehad KH. Wahab


Response of sweet corn (zea mays saccharata L.) to different levels of organic and inorganic fertilizers . 2 - flowering and yield parameters

Pages 186-196
Hemn O. Abdullah; Kareem S. AL-Obaidy


Effect of using two concentrations of BEDGEN 40 in drinking water at different periods on some productive characteristics in broilers

Pages 197-205
Nazli J. Rafiq; Ilham N. Ezaddin; Mohammed S. BahaAldeen


Effect of Humic Acid and NPK Nanocomposite on the Chemical Content of Fronds of Three Cultivars of Young Palm Trees Phoenix Dactylifera L.

Pages 206-214
Howrieh M. Hakeem; Jassim M Khalaf; Raad A. Medan


Effect of humic application on qualitative traits of bread wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.)

Pages 215-222
Basem S. Nadhim


The role of water harvesting in the development of vegetation cover and reducing desertification within the desert dry areas

Pages 223-237
Fadhil H. Mukhlif; Ali M. Raja; Sanaa R. Awad; Inam M. Ayyed; AbdulKarem A. M. Alalwany


A Preliminary Study on Landscape of Bakhi Shar Park, Erbil (Hawler), Kurdistan, Iraq

Pages 238-250
Lava R. Hussein; Kardo N. Kareem


The effect of using an imported Phytogenic Plant Additive and Comparing it with a mixture of Oil (black seed, thyme and anise) in Some immune properties of the Meat scalp

Pages 251-257
Magareb M. Jader; Jafer M. Jassim


(N.P.K) fertilizer application levels in Onion Crops and Using the Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System – DRIS

Pages 258-270
Dilzar F. Saeed; Alwand T. Dizayee


Analysis of the stress affecting the cutting knives locally manufactured in the moldboard plough with the measurement of some of the indicators studied

Pages 271-283
Ammar W. Saleh; Adil A. Abdullah; Hussain TH. Tahir

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