A Numerical Analysis on Pullout Capacity of Batter Pile Groups in Sandy Soil

Pages 1352-1357
Mais S. Al-Tememy; Mohammed A. Al-Neami; Mohammed F. Asswad


Effect of Date Palm Derived Biochar on Soil’s Bulk Density, pH, and Nitrogen Content

Pages 1358-1364
Aola H. F. Tahir; Faris H. Al-Ani; AbdulHameed M. J. Al Obaidy


Modifying the Properties of Open-Graded Friction Course by Adding Cellulose Fiber

Pages 1365-1375
Ahmed J. Muhammed; Zaynab I. Qasim; Rasha H. Al-Rubaee


Measurement of the Lateral Earth Pressure Coefficient of Clayey Soils by Modified Oedometer Test

Pages 1376-1384
Kumail R. Alkhafaji; Mohammed Y. Fattah; Makki K. Al-Recaby


Influence of Adding Plant Fly Ash on The Geotechnical Properties and Pollution of Sanitary Landfill Soil

Pages 1385-1398
Abdulrahman A. Salim; Zainab B. Mohammed; Mohamed Y. Fattah


The permeation and Separation Characteristics of Polymeric Membranes Incorporated with Nanoparticles for Dye Removal and Interaction Mechanisms between Polymer and Nanoparticles: A Mini Review

Pages 1399-1411
Dalya D. Al-Araji; Faris H. Al-Ani; Qusay F. Alsalhy


Sustainable High-Performance Concrete Reinforced with Hybrid Steel Waste Fibers

Pages 1412-1421
Zainab A. Jabbar; Wassan I. Khalil


An Experimental and Theoretical Studies Wings Piles at Different Sandy Soil Densities

Pages 1422-1431
Taha K. Mahdi; Mohammed A. Al-Neami; Falah H. Raheel


Enhancement of the Rutting Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures at Different High Temperatures Using Waste Polyethylene Polymer

Pages 1432-1440
Hasan H. Joni; Ali H. AL-Rubaie


Assessment of the Effect of Nono-clay on Recycled Asphalt Mixtures Resistance to Moisture

Pages 1441-1447
Mays A. Jaafar; Hasan H. Joni; Hussein H. Karim


Effects of Curing Temperature and Chemical Admixture Type on Fresh Properties and Compressive Strength of Ultra High-performance Concrete

Pages 1448-1454
Khaldon K. Aswed; Maan S. Hassan; Hussein Al-Quraishi


Effect of Glass Wastes on Basic Characteristics of Controlled Low-Strength Materials

Pages 1455-1464
Saif S. Abdulmunem; Shatha S. Hasan


Integrated Approach for Land Surface Temperature Assessment in Different Topography of Iraq

Pages 1465-1486
Zainab K. Jabal; Thair S. Khayyun; Imzahim A. Alwan


Eco-Sustainable Bridging of Housing Deficit – A Case Study of Nigeria

Pages 1487-1491
Olumide A. Towoju; Timothy Adeyi; Kayode Ekun; Omogbolade Adepitan


Accuracy Assessment of Establishing 3D Real Scale Model in Close-Range Photogrammetry with Digital Camera

Pages 1492-1509
Ali H. Hadi; Abbas Z. Khalaf


Potential Impact of Global Warming on Climate and Streamflow of Adhaim River Basin, Iraq

Pages 1510-1521
Fouad H. Saeed; Mahmoud S. Al-Khafaji; Furat Al-Faraj


The Performance of Helical Pile under Cyclic Load Using 3D-Finite Element Analysis

Pages 1522-1528
Ahmed S. Ali; Nahla M. Salim; Husam H. Baqir


Analyzing Drivers’ Speed Behavior on Various Roads in Baghdad City

Pages 1529-1536
Aaisha Jasim; Rasha H. Al-Rubaee


Mechanical Characteristics and Self-Monitoring Technique of Smart Cementitious Mixtures with Carbon Fiber and Graphite Powder as Hybrid Functional Additives

Pages 1537-1547
Raid D. Abdullah; Ali Al-Dahawi; Hussein H. Zghair


Analytical Solution for the Static Bending Elastic Analysis of Thick Rectangular Plate Structures Using 3-D Plate Theory

Pages 1548-1559
Festus C. Onyeka; Chidobere D. Nwa-David; Thompsom E. Edozie


Ecotourist and Picnic Area Assessment Using AHP Analytical Tools in Sulaimani– Tourism Region, Iraq

Pages 1560-1572
Awa A. Ahmad; Ako R. Hama; Imzahim A. Alwan


Hydrodynamic Model-Based Evaluation of Sediment Transport Capacity for the Makhool-Samarra Reach of Tigris River

Pages 1573-1588
Ala H. Nama; Ali S. Abbas; Jaafar S. Maatooq


Dynamic Response of Deepwater Pile Foundation Bridge Piers under Current-wave and Earthquake Excitation

Pages 1589-1604
Riyadh Alsultani; Ibtisam R. Karim; Saleh I. Khassaf


Nonlinear 3D Finite Element Model for Round Composite Columns under Various Eccentricity Loads

Pages 1605-1614
Dara A. Mawlood; Serwan K. Rafiq

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