Molecular Detection of Serotypes K1 and K2 of Klebsiella pneumonia Isolated Form Wound and Burn Infections

Pages 1-7
O. N. Flaih; L. M. Najeb; R. K. Mohammad


The Effect of Ocimum basilicum L. oil on the morphology of E. coli O157:H7 Analyzed Using Scanning Electron Microscopy

Pages 1-11
H. K. Y. Al-Salman


Effect of adding carnitine and inositol to Tris extender on post-cryopreservative semen quality of Holstein bulls

Pages 8-18
T. A. Abdulkareem; O. A. Mohamed; A. M. H. Shubber; F. F. Ibrahim; W.Y. Lataf


Detection of antibodies against avian infectious laryngeotracheitis virus in Iraq

Pages 12-15
Z. H. Taha; A. B. Allawe; Kh. A. Khazaal


Ultrasonographic study of uterine involution in of Awassi ewes in Iraq

Pages 16-21
M. N. Ahmed; J. H. Ynzeel; A. F. Majeed


Evaluation of the effects of fish rearing in floating cages on nitrate and phosphate level in Tigris river water along Baghdad

Pages 19-30
E. K. Ali Alzerqani; A. J. Kadhum


Antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles synthesized by Cinnamon zeylanicum bark extract against Staphylococcus aureus

Pages 22-36
O. M. S. Ibrahim; A. H. Saliem; S. I. Salih


Effect of Supplementation crushed Melissa officinalis and laurus nobilis leaves and artificial antioxidant to broiler diets on Productive characteristics of broiler

Pages 31-40
F. M. Hussein; H. H. Nafia; E. M. A. Fdam


Morphometry and Comparison of blood samples in sheep and goat

Pages 37-42
I. Kh. Thamer; O. A. Jassium; T. N. Dawood


Use of prostaglandin PGF2 αfor treatment of persistent corpus luteum in dairy cattle

Pages 41-44
A. F. Majeed; A. S. A. Alhiti


Prevalence of intestinal parasites in Rattus rattus in some districts in Baghdad/ Iraq

Pages 43-48
Sh. A. Majeed


Effect of using different levels of hatchery wastes (without shell) as a source of animal protein in diet on broiler performance

Pages 45-56
H. L. S. Al-Qaisy; H. I. H. Al-Mufty


Antihyperglycemic and antiadhesion activity of gallic acid in induced urinary tract infection in diabetic rats

Pages 49-56
N. A. Mohammed Ali; Sh. Z. Saeed; S. Noori


Effect of using encapsulated locally produced synbiotic and type of raising on live performance and carcass traits of broiler

Pages 57-72
Z. T. M. Al-Dhanki


Pathological study on mice intestine experimentally infected with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O26

Pages 57-68
Kh. H. Al- Jeboori; A. S. Jarad


Effect of dietary mallow (Malva parviflora L.) leaves powder on physiological traits and productive performance of Japanese quail

Pages 73-84
S. Kh. Ahmed; Dh. Kh. Ibrahim


The Effect of Replacing Different Levels of Commercial Dry Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Place Animal Protein Concentrate In Fingerlings Fish Common Carp )Cyprinus carpio. Linnaeus 1758) Diets

Pages 85-96
I. H. Abdulla Al-Refaiee; H. M. Mutter; N. M. Abdulrahman


Effect of licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) powder supplemental on some hematology and biochemical parameters in Awassi local ewes

Pages 97-101
A. S. A. Al-Kaisy; S. M. A. Al-Tamemy; N. A. M. Al-Zuhairy


Extraction and purification of outer membrane (porins) from Pseudomonas species bacteria and different cases of patient

Pages 102-108
I. A. Saleh; A. H. Abdul-Kareem; M. B. Farhan


Identify some of the Genetic Markers and gene Ttaavatha CAPN1 and its relationship with some of the qualitative Characteristics before and after slaughter of Broiler Chickens Rose 308

Pages 109-122
O. M. Abdullah; A. A. Abbas; R. S. Ramadhan


The effect of adding different levels of Lycopene and compare it with commercial antioxidant (BHT) to the diets on productive performance of broiler

Pages 123-136
H. L. Sadik; yahoo.com; yasiralqaisy


Some factors affecting in growth traits and body dimensions at weaning weight in Cyprus and Local goats

Pages 137-146
W. G. M. Al-Khazragi; Z. M. M. Al-Azawi; A. N. Abdalla; A. A. Taha

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