The Effect of PVP Addition on the Mechanical Properties Of [84%LLDPE: 15 %(( 100- X) %PP: X%PVP):1%Basalt Particle] Polymer Blend Composites.

Pages 573-585
Teeb A. Mohammed; Akram R. Jabur; Sihama E. salih


ECG Arrhythmias Classification by Combined Feature Extraction Method and Neural Network

Pages 586-596
Khalooq Y. Al Azzawi


Determination the Optimum Shot Peening Time for Improving the Buckling Behavior of Medium Carbon Steel

Pages 597-607
Al-Alkawi H. J. M; AL-Khazraji A. N; Essam Zuhier Fadhel


Simulation of Thermal Effects in Totally and Partially Pumped Solid-State Laser Rod with Side-Pumping Structure

Pages 608-616
Mohammed Jalal Abdul-Razzak


Forward Analysis of 5 DOF Robot Manipulator and Position Placement Problem for Industrial Applications

Pages 617-628
Alaa Hassan Shabeeb; Laith A. Mohammed


Modeling the Abrasive Flow Machining Process (AFM) On Aluminum Alloy

Pages 629-642
Abbas F. Ibrahim; Saad K.Shather; Wissam K. Hamdan


Modeling of Arc Metal Welding Process of Low Carbon Steel (304)

Pages 643-652
Majid Hameed Abdul Majeed


Experimental Investigation and Mathematical Modeling of Tensile Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Reinforced by Woven Glass Fibers

Pages 653-666
Jawad Kadhim Oleiwi; Emad Saadi Al- Hassani; Alaa Abd Mohammed


Robust PI-PD Controller Design for Magnetic Levitation System

Pages 667-680
Hazem I. Ali


A modeling comparison studies for thermo-mechanical and other Properties of RHDPE and RLDPE Wastes

Pages 681-701
Falak O. Abas; Raghad U.Abass; Mohammed O.Abass


Strengthening of Ferrocement Beams in Torsion by CFRP Strips

Pages 702-719
Aseel Sami Al-Obaidy; Kaiss F.Sarsam; Alaa K. Abdul Karim


Use of Membrane Bioreactor for Medical Wastewater Treatment

Pages 720-730
Mohammed Ali I. Al-Hashimi; Talib R. Abbas; Yaser I. Jasem


New Method to Increase the Ability of the Water for Dissolving Total Salts in Soil by Using the Magnetism

Pages 731-747
Maysam Th. Al-Hadidi


Load Distribution Factors for Horizontally Curved Concrete Box Girder Bridges

Pages 748-762
Eyad K. Sayhood; Raid I. Khalel; Hashim M. Hassan


Behavior of Single Pile in Unsaturated Clayey Soils

Pages 763-787
Mohammed Y. Fattah; Nahla M. Salim; Israa Mohammed Mohsin


Assessment of the Accuracy of Road Flexible and Rigid Pavement Layers Using GPR

Pages 788-799
Hussein H. Karim; Ammar M. M. Al-Qaissi


The Effect of The Finishing Materials on The Perception of The Commercial Townscape

Pages 62-96
Hamzah Jalal Jawad; Abdullah Saadoun Maamouri; Adel Saeed al-Obeidi


The Role of Art's Movements in Creating Urban Form

Pages 97-117
Khansaa Ghazi Rasheed


Safety and Security as an Urban Challenge in Residential Environment*Al- Saadoon as case study

Pages 118-138
Sana Sati Abbas; Alhan Faris Ibrahim Darzy


Ballasted Clarification in Conventional Municipal Wastewater Treatment in Iraq

Pages 139-147
Khairi Resan Kalash; Mohammed A. Abdul-Majeed; Raad A. Ali; Inmar N.Ghazi

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