Machine Learning Techniques for Vehicle Detection

Pages 1-12
Maryam Raad Shihab; Rana Fareed Ghani; Athraa Jasim Mohammed


Predicting Alzheimer's Disease Using Filter Feature Selection Method

Pages 13-27
Shaymaa Taha Ahmed; Suhad Malallah Kadhem


Systematic Review on Cyber-Security Applications

Pages 28-36
Shaymaa Mahmood Naser; Yossra Hussain Ali


A Survey of Power Consumption Minimization in WSN Using Feedback Control Strategies

Pages 37-47
Ali M. Majeed; Safanah M. Raafat; Najat M. Ramadhan


Medical Image Enhancement Techniques

Pages 48-59
Dhuha Abd Almoanf; Shaimaa H. Shaker


Combinatorial Testing Approaches: A Systematic Review

Pages 60-79
Heba Mohammed Fadhil; Mohammed Najm Abdullah; Mohammed Issam Younis


Fractional Order Fuzzy Like PID Controller Design for Three Links Rigid Robot Manipulator

Pages 80-98
Hadeel I. Abdulameer; Mohamed J. Mohamed


A Comparative Study of Graph Search Algorithms for Planar Manipulator to Avoid Obstacle Collision

Pages 99-114
Mustafa Laith Muhammed; Amjad Jaleel Humaidi; Enass Hassan Flaieh


A Hybrid Digital Image Watermarking By Using DWT and LSB Method

Pages 115-126
Zainab F. Makhrib; Abdulamir A. karim


A Proposed Authentication Method for Document in Blockchain Based E-Government System

Pages 127-139
Zainab A. Kamal; Rana F. Ghani


Machine Learning Approach Based on Automated Classification for Leg Rehabilitation

Pages 140-151
Ayat Naji Hussain; Sahar Adil Abboud; Basim Abdul baki Jumaa; Mohammed Najm Abdullah


Cardiovascular Patients Monitoring Using Internet of Things And Decision Tree

Pages 152-159
Rasha Ismail Ahmed; Rasha Mohammed Mohsin Mohammed Mohsin; Rana Fareed Ghani


Image Protection Using Genetic Algorithm and Cipher Technique

Pages 160-166
Raad Abdul Ameer Qasim; Bashar Saadoon Mahdi


Software Defined Network Implementation by Using OpenDayLight Centralized Controller

Pages 167-176
Salah Sabah Abed; Mohammed Natiq Fadhil


Generating Honeyword Based on A Proposed Bees Algorithm

Pages 177-191
Yasser A. Yasser; Ahmed T. Sadiq; Wasim AlHamdani

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