Heat Pipe Thermal Performance Analysis by Using Different Working Fluids

Pages 1-12
Ali K. Soud; Qusay J. Abdul Ghafoor; Akeel A. Nazzal


Modal Analysis of Specific Composite Sandwich Structures

Pages 13-22
Mustafa S. Al-Khazraji; Sadeq H. Bakhy; Muhsin J. Jweeg


Numerical Investigation of Thermal-Hydraulic Performance of Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger with Different Fin Shape Inserts

Pages 23-36
Ali M. Aljelawy; Amer M. Aldabbagh; Falah F. Hatem


Design and Implementation of a Smart Greenhouse Automated and Conditioned by Solar Power System

Pages 37-44
Sura H. Hassan; Abdullateef A. Jadallah; Ghassan A. Bilal


Study the Performance of a Novel Desiccant Heat Exchanger

Pages 45-59
Hind M. Taresh; Amar S. Abdul-Zahra; Ahmed A. M. Saleh


A comparative study between two lubrication nano-additives (Bi2O3 & TiO2) based on vibration response analysis

Pages 60-68
Sarah S. Jaffar; Wafa A. Soud; Ihsan A. Baqer


Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Hybrid Nanofluid and Twisted Tape

Pages 69-85
Noor F.A. Hamza; Sattar Aljabair


Bearings Health Monitoring Based on Frequency-Domain Vibration Signals Analysis

Pages 86-95
Saja M. Jawad; Alaa A. Jaber


Dynamic Response Analysis of the Rotor Using the Jeffcott Method and Performance Improvement Using Active Magnetic Bearing

Pages 96-109
Karrar B. Tuaib; Qasim A. Atiyah; Imad A. Abdulsahib


Optimization Process of Double Spots Welding of High Strength Steel Using in the Automotive Industry

Pages 110-120
Hayder H. Khaleel; Ibtihal A. Mahmood; Fuad Khoshnaw


Effects of Magnetic Field on the Performance of Solar Distillers: A Review Study

Pages 121-131
Wissam H. ِAlawee; Karrar A. Hammoodi; Hayder A. Dhahad; Z.M. Omara; Fadl A. Essa; A.S. Abdullah; M I. Amro


Numerical Simulation of Powering Turbofan Propulsion Aircraft with Electricity

Pages 132-141
Thomas O. Onah; Christian C. Aka; Bethrand N. Nwankwojike


Determination of Impingement Cooling Fluid Temperature-Time Profile For Extracted Tiger-Nut Juice (Cyperus Esculentus) By Lumped Thermal Mass Analysis

Pages 142-150
Nwankwo, Michael Azubuike; Onah Thomas Okechukwu; Egwuagu Michael Onyekachi


Determination of Draught Requirement of Single-furrow Mouldboard Plough in Sandy Loam Soil in Yola, Northeastern Nigeria

Pages 151-158
Kabri, H. U.


Investigation of Offshore Wind Turbine Structure Deflection Using Experimental Work, Numerical, and Theoretical Approach

Pages 159-175
Hayder M. Ali; Hassan M. Alwan; Israa Al-Esbe; Kochneva O. V


Thermal Performance of a Counter-Flow Double-Pass Solar Air Heater With The Steady and Pulsating Flow

Pages 176-184
Nassr F. Hussein; Sabah T. Ahmed; Ali L. Ekaid


Thermoelectric Generators as a Heat Recovery System for Exhaust Gases of Vehicles Driving at Low Speeds

Pages 185-195
A. Al-Janabi; O. Al Salmi; E. Al Subhi; A. Al Hadhrami


Omnidirectional Mobil Robot with Navigation Using SLAM

Pages 196-202
Hiba A. Najim; Iman S. Kareem; Wisam E. Abdul-Lateef


Experimental Study Convection Heat Transfer Inside the Triangular Duct Filled with Porous Media

Pages 203-217
Sabah R. Mahdi; Suhad A. Rasheed


The Effect of Rectangular Grooves on the Lubrication Mechanism in an Inclined Slider Bearing

Pages 218-231
Muhannad M.Mrah; Ammar S.Hamid


The Effect of Eichhornia Crassipes Biodiesel/LPG Dual-Fuel on Performance and Emissions in a Single-Cylinder Compression Ignition Engine

Pages 232-242
Hawraa S. Mohammed; Mahmoud A. Mashkour


Effect of Copper Foam Baffles on Thermal Hydraulic Performance for Staggered Arrangement in a Duct

Pages 243-256
karrar Gh. Fadhala; Ekhlas M. Fayyadh; Ali F. Mohammed

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