Machine Learning Model for Estimation of Local Scour Depth around Cylindrical Bridge Piers

Pages 1-13
Ahmed Ali; Muhammad Ashiq; Saman Ebrahimi; M.SOBHI AKRAM AL ASTA; Mahdis Khorram


Evaluation of Incorporating CKD and RAP on the Performance of Cohesive Soil

Pages 14-22
Salman A. Saeed; Ahmed H. Abdulkareem; Duraid M. Abd


Compressibility Characteristics of an Organic Soil Treated with Fly Ash and Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer

Pages 23-29
Sarah K. Ameen; Ahmed H. Abdulkareem; Nabeel S. Mahmood


Investigating Wind Direction Influence on Wind-Generated Waves Using Delft 3D for Gaza Strip Coast

Pages 30-43
Anass Alqatanani; Ayşe Yeter GÜNAL; M.SOBHI AKRAM AL ASTA; Abdallah Jaroun; Adnan Al-Masri


Compressive and Impact Loads' Effects on The Behaviour of SIFCON Made of Plastic Waste Fibers

Pages 44-54
Anas Khudhair Yass Al-Hadithi; Abdulkader Ismail Al-Hadithi


Uniform Step Loading of a Partial Interaction Composite Beam

Pages 55-69
Shaimaa Karem Mohammed Al-Joani; Nahidh H. Kurdi


Evaluation Affecting of Traffic Characteristics on CO Emission: Ramadi Network as a Case Study

Pages 70-75
Asama Ismail Zadine; Hamid Awad; Adil Nahir Abd


Pavement Crack Monitoring: Literature Review

Pages 76-89
Mohammad Fahad; Richard Nagy; Lin Guangpin; Szabolcs Rosta


Investigate the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Shotcrete Concrete Contains Different Types of Plastic Fibers

Pages 90-100
Abdulfatah Abdulwahid Jawhar; Abdulkader Al-Hadithi; Yousif A. Mansoor


Investigation of Permanent Deformation in Iraqi Highways- Iraqi Expressway No.1 as a Case Study

Pages 101-117
Ammar Mutleg; Muayad A. Al-Sharrad; Duraid Muayed Abd


Analysis of flexural behavior of one-way reinforced concrete slab casted by shotcrete contain various types of plastic fibers

Pages 118-128
Abdulfatah Abdulwahid Jawhar; Yousif A. Mansoor; Abdulkader Ismail Al-Hadithi

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