Membrane Bioreactor with External Side-Stream Membranes and High Cross Flow Velocity to Treat Municipal Wastewater

Pages 1-8
Majid A. Dixon; Talib R. Abbas; Mustafa H. Al-Furaiji; Raed H. Abed-Ali


2D Model to Investigate the Morphological and Hydraulic Changes of Meanders

Pages 9-19
Jaafar S. Maatooq; Luay K. Hameed


Experimental Investigation on Electrochemical Grinding (ECG) for Stainless Steel 316

Pages 20-25
Abdullah J. Ghadban; Abbas F. Ibrahim


Redrawing Operation a Star Shape from Cylindrical Shape Using Experimental and FE Analysis

Pages 26-33
Waleed Kh. Jawad; Ali T. Ikal


The Effects of Anodizing Process on the Corrosion rate and Fatigue Life of Aluminum Alloy 7075-T73

Pages 34-42
Ibrahim M. AL-Sudani; Samir A. Al-Rabii; Dhafir S. Al-Fattal


Numerical Study of Effect of Using Nanofluids Flowing in Simply Supported Pipes on Vibrations Characteristics

Pages 43-56
Kadhum A. Jehhef; Mohamed A. Siba; Hayder S. Abdulamir


Processing and Properties of ZA-27 Alloy Metal Matrix Hybrid Composite Reinforced with Nanonitrides

Pages 57-64
Fadhil A. Hashim; Niveen J. Abdulkader; Kateralnada F. Hisham


Identification and Management of Major Risk Factors in Construction of Healthcare Centers Projects

Pages 65-73
Khalil I. Wali; Mahmood M. Mahdi


Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Collect Pavement Surface Condition Data

Pages 74-82
Hasan H. Joni; Imzahim A. Alwan; Ghazwan A. Naji


Improvement of Image Steganography Using Discrete Wavelet Transform

Pages 83-87
Manal K. Oudah; Aqeela N. Abed; Rula S. Khudhair; Saad M. Kaleefah


Experimental and Numerical Simulation for Thermal Investigation of Oscillating Heat Pipe Using VOF Model

Pages 88-104
Anwar S. Barrak; Ahmed A. M. Saleh; Zained H. Naji


An Elaborate Review for Micro-Fin Heat Sink

Pages 105-112
Ibtisam A. Hasan; Sahar R. Fafraj; Israa A. Mohmma

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