Settlement of Shallow Foundation in Dry Sand Under an Earthquake

Pages 1206-1215
Mohammed A. Al-Neami; Falah H. Rahil; Ahmed F. Hussain


Earthquake Response of Model Footings on Soft Clays Strengthened by Stone Columns

Pages 1216-1222
Ann M. Raheem; Mohammed Y. Fattah; Makki K. M. Al-Recaby


Characteristics of Asphalt Binder and Mixture Modified With Waste Polypropylene

Pages 1224-1230
Mohammed Y. Fattah; Wissam, N. Abdulkhabeer; Miami M. Hilal


Function and Application of Geogrid in Flexible Pavement under Dynamic Load

Pages 1231-1241
Fatin F. Jebur; Mohammed Y. Fattah; Ahmed S. Abduljabbar


The Behavior of Piles Installed in Medium Dense Sand Within MSE Wall System

Pages 1249-1256
Salah M. Hamza; Shaymaa T. Kadhim; Saad F. A. Al-Wakel


Carbon Fiber-Based Cementitious Composites for Traffic Detection and Weighing In Motion

Pages 1250-1256
Dhurgham Ghadhban; Hasan H. Joni; Ali M. Al-Dahawi


Variation of Consistency Limits and Compaction Characteristics of Clayey Soil with Nanomaterials

Pages 1257-1264
Noor M. Tarsh; Mohammed A. Al-Neami; Kawther Y. H. Al-Soudany


Distribution of Pressures on Modified Stepped Spillway by Using Toothed-Steps

Pages 1265-1270
Jaafar S. Maatooq; Ameer L. Jasim


Operation of Mosul – Dokan Reservoirs and Samarra Barrage Using HEC – ResSim Model During Dry Period

Pages 1273-1280
Thabet M. Abdulateef; Raad H. Irzooki; Ali S. Abbas


Punching Shear Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs Strengthened by CFRP and GFRP: A Review of Literature

Pages 1281-1290
Hadi N. G. Al-Maliki; Ali Al-Balhawi; Asma M. Ali


Determination of Suitable Areas for Establishment of Sports-City in Iraq's Center Using an Integrated Fuzzy Logic Algorithm and Geomatic Techniques

Pages 1291-1300
Haidar R. Mohammed


Improvement of Soft Clayey Soil by Bio-polymer

Pages 1301-1306
Teba A. Abd; Mohammed Y. Fattah; Mohammed F. Aswad


Shear Strength of Reinforced Fibrous-self Compacted Concrete Box Girder using Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Pages 1307-1320
Mohammed A. Hadi; Eyad K. Sayhood; Ali S. Resheq


Evaluating the Use of Eggshell Waste Ash in High Strength Concrete

Pages 1321-1327
Basim H. Amanah; Wasan I. Khalil


Utilization of Satellite Images-Based Indices for Assessment of Al-Hammar Marsh Restoration plan

Pages 1328-1337
Bayda A. Dhaidan; Imzahim A. Alwan; Mahmoud S. Al-Khafaji

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