Side Effects of Ribavirin Drug on Mice Embryos and their Skeleton

Pages 5-10
Safa S. Salman; Adel F. Shihab; Saad M. Nada


Detection of Helicobacter pylori IgG and IgM Antibodies in Iraqi Dyspeptic Patients

Pages 5-9
Muna Turkey Al-Mossawei; Wasan Hatem Rzooqi; Safaa Abdulrazzaq


Purification and Identification of Flavonoids Extracted from Loranthus Eurpaeus Fruits

Pages 10-15
Eslah S. Rajab; Khlood W. Abood; Zaynab Y. Muhammed Hassn


The Effect of Acyclovir on Human Lymphocyte Cell Division

Pages 11-14
Asmaa Mahmmod Salman; Luma Hassan Alwan Al Obaidy


Induction of Genetic Variation for Salt Tolerance in Tissue Culture of Capsicum annuumL.

Pages 15-20
Bushra M. Alwash; Huda E. Hussein


Optimization, Production and Antifungal Activity of Chitinase Produced by Trichoderma harezianum

Pages 16-24
Qays Majeed Issa


Effect of MS Inorganic Salts Concentration on Shoots Rooting of Apple and Pear Rootstocks in vitro

Pages 21-24
Noura Sahib Abed; Zainab Abduljabar Hussain; Tagreed Abduljabar; Eklase lazem Mohammed; Ashwak Abdl razak; Abd Al Kareem Qasim Mohammed


Relationship Between Polymorphism of IGF-1 Gene in Dams with Body Weight and Dimension in Birth and Weaning in Turkish Awassi Sheep

Pages 25-29
AL-Ithawi R.H; Al-Anbari N.N; Nida S.M


The E ffect of Aqueous Albizia Flowers Extract Albizia lebbeck on Production of Certain Enzymes from Salmonella typhi

Pages 25-30
Ali J. R. AL-Sa; ady; Lamees M.R. Abbas


Investigation and Detection Algae Growth of Al-Rashed Water Supply/Baghdad

Pages 30-37
Roeda Fahem Kamel; Ahmed Aidan Al- Hussieny; Adawiya abdulsalam


Effect of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) Fertilization on Growth of Sage Plant (Salvia officinalis L.) and Concentration of Volatile Oil

Pages 31-36
Hussein Mahmood Shukri


Genetic Variants in JAK1 Gene and Susceptibility to Hepatitis C Viral Infection in Iraq

Pages 37-41
Fatima Abood Chaloob


Effect of Mechanical Scarification, Gibberellic Acid and Chilling on Germination of Local Orange Seeds Citrus sinensis L.

Pages 38-44
Ali Saeed Atiyah AL-Janabi; Sadeg Hameed Husain AL-Sagheer; Hayder Rizeg Baekar Kshkool


Physiological and Histological Study for the Effect of Escalation Doses of Dostinex (Caprigoline) on Male Mice through Some Biochemical Parameters

Pages 42-47
Shaima R. Ibraheem


Identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa From Clinical Specimen by Using 16S rDNA Gene.

Pages 45-49
Rana M. Abdullah; Abbas F. Mehdi


Serum High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein and Endogenous Sex Hormones in Diabetic Men.

Pages 48-52
Shakir F.T. Al-Aaraji


Determination of Heavy Metals Tolerance and their Damaging Effects on a Local Soil Thermophilic Isolate Bacillus stearothermophilus

Pages 50-56
Khlood A. A. Al-Khafaji; Saffa A. Raheem


Role of sex chromatin on performance in the local (black) goats

Pages 53-57
Salim Omar Raoof; Sirod Sami Yahya; Dlpak Birkhader; Younis Ahmad SheakhMohamad


Effect of Dehulling and Germination Treatments in Reducing a Certain Antinutrients Compounds and Approximate Chemical Composition of Lentils (Lens culinaris) and Mung Bean) Vigna radiate (Seeds

Pages 57-61
Abdul Kadir Hadi Alwan; Mohammed Moayyad Mohammed; Mustafa Farhan Guma


Enhancemant of Sesbania rostrata Capability for Cadmium and Lead Tolerance by Tissue Culture

Pages 62-68
Altefat Fadhel Al-Taee; Kadhim M. Ibrahim; Ali Hashim Al-Moousawi


The Kinetin Role and Compound Fertilizer NPKZn in the Effectiveness of some Antioxidants to Sweet Pepper Capsicum annuum L. subjected to Salt Stress

Pages 69-77
S.A.S. Al-jalaly; A.J.H. Al-Saedi


The Influence of Foliar Application with Proline Acid on Growth Parameters and Yield Component of Chamomile Plant (Matricaria chamomilla L.) Subjected to Water Stress

Pages 78-83
Amel Gh. M. AL kazzaz; Abbas J. H. AL-Saedi; Hassan A. R. A. AL-Saady; Suhad S. Yahya; Rasha H. F. Abed


Phenotypic Expression in Catharanthus roseus Explants Inoculated with Agrobacterium Strains Locally Isolated

Pages 84-88
Sabah Mehdi Hadi

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