Removal of Cobalt (Co(II)) from Aqueous Solution by Amino Functionalized SBA-15

Pages 703-708
Anaam A. Sabri; Talib M. Albayati; Dalia B. Abed


Effect of CFRP Layer Orientation on the Behavior of Shear-Strengthened Steel Plate Girders

Pages 709-714
Mohammed J. Hamood; Wael Sh. Abdulsahib; Ali H. Abdullah


Study the Effect of Nano-Al2O3 and Fiber Glass on Mechanical and Physical Properties of PMMA Composites for Prosthetic Denture

Pages 715-722
Qahtan A. Hamad


High Rate Data Processing System of 6x6 MIMO_OFDM Using FPGA Technique with Spatial Algorithm

Pages 723-732
Muthna J. Fadhil


Sliding Mode Controller Design for Flexible Joint Robot

Pages 733-741
Ivan I. Gorial


Effect of Corrosion Time on Critical Buckling Load of AISI 304 Columns

Pages 742-747
Hussain J. Al-Alkawi; Samih K. Al-najjar


Effect of Waiting Time before Re-vibration on Mechanical Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Pages 748-758
Aseel A. Abdulridha


Multiple Access Chua Chaotic Communication system using Real Orthogonal Matrix Approach

Pages 759-769
Ali A. Radhi


Multiple Performance Optimization of Carburized Steel Using Taguchi Based Moora Approach

Pages 770-776
Abbas K. Hussein; Laith K. Abbas; Asraa K. Hameed


Intelligent Modeling of Metal Oxide Gas Sensor

Pages 777-783
Omar F. Lutfy; Alaa A. Abdul-Hamead


Internal Model Control Using a Self-Recurrent Wavelet Neural Network Trained by an Artificial Immune Technique for Nonlinear Systems

Pages 784-791
Omar F. Lutfy; Rand A. Majeed


Characterization of AA 6061–Alloy Composites Reinforced by Al2O3 Nano Particles Obtained by Stir Casting

Pages 792-797
Hussain J. AL Alkawi; Abdul J. Owaid; Batool Kadhim H.


Enhancement the Performance of PV Panel by Using Fins as Heat Sink

Pages 798-805
Ibtisam A. Hasan


Employee Performance Assessment Using Modified Decision Tree

Pages 806-811
Hassan A. Jeiad; Zinah J. M. Ameen; Alza A. Mahmood


Optimization of Dry Sliding Wear Process Parameters for Al-Mg-Si Hybrid Composites Using Taguchi Method

Pages 812-822
Israa A. Alkadir; Hanan K. Azeez

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