The effect of using the ES7 strategy according to the triple reciprocal method in the skill achievement of some wrestling grips

Pages 1-17
Salwan Khaled; Islam Abdel Salam


The effect of educational games according to the stages of the complete kinetic sequence to develop some physical abilities and the achievement of junior long jump players

Pages 18-28
Aseel Kateh; Hadi Khither


Emotion Management and its Relationship to Performance Among First-Class Referees in Basketball in Iraq

Pages 29-42
Raad Finjan; Hussein Jawad


The creative performance of the coaches of the Iraqi Paralympic Committee sub-committees from the players' point of view

Pages 43-60
Ahmed Jasim; mohammed saleem najeeb


Regulatory conflict and its relationship to organizational justice among the heads of sports clubs in Nineveh province

Pages 61-77
Mohammed Anaz; Othman Elias


The effect of using the round robin in learn the art of performing some volleyball skills and developing the tendency towards physical education for secondary students

Pages 78-92
Nabaa Fesal Fesal; nibras Youns al murad


The effect of the reciprocal method associated with sequential and random motor skills implementation exercises in learning skill performance in football

Pages 93-117
Rabih Salman; Ali Khateeb; Ismail Ashour


The effect of teaching aids in developing kinesthetic perception and learning some offensive basketball skills for students

Pages 118-128
Mohammed Alkaabi


Evaluating the teaching skills of the physical education subjects according to the educational environment in the schools of the city of Mosul

Pages 129-140
EThar abdulkreem; Salwan Khaled; ahmed qasem


Analytical study of some biokinematic variables and their relationship to the strength and accuracy of performance of the front circular kick for Taekwondo players

Pages 141-174
Omar Abdul Razzaq; Walid Thanoun; Mahmoud Al-Hayani


A comparative study in job satisfaction between male and female teachers Al-Noor University College

Pages 175-184
Mahmoud Saleh; Ali Yaqoub; Kawar Hassan


The relationship of the variables of the explosive power of the legs in terms of the Smart Jump device with the accuracy index of the diagonal crushing strike in volleyball

Pages 185-199
Nabard ismael; Suhaib Abdelqadir; jegr ahmed


The effectiveness of the mental (visual) program in developing the self-efficacy and learning a number of the motor skills in gymnastics

Pages 200-217
Houssain Ahmeed; Thamer Thannoon


Suggested standards for the quality of higher education for the Colleges of physical education and sports sciences in Iraq from the teachers' point of view

Pages 218-236
Ali Abedalkader Ahmad Albyati; Hashim Ahmed Suliman Al-Essa


Assessment of the level of knowledge of physical education teachers with the requirements of total quality for managing physical education activities from the point of view of school principals

Pages 237-250
Mothana Nayef


Measuring the elements of overflow and a sense of creative problems and their relationship to the achievement of the application material for Students of the College of Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Mosul

Pages 251-265
Mohamed Mahdi; Hashem Abdel Wahed

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