The Impact of Some Indicators of financial and Commercial Openness on the Development of Financial Markets "Arab Countries as a Model"

Pages 9-32
Saad M. Mahmood


The Role of Marketing Ethics in Enhancing Customer Satisfactionan Exploratory Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Restaurant Goers in the City of Mosul

Pages 50-33
Maher M. Thanoun


The Impact of Financial Openness in Indicators of the Banking Sector Development "Arab Countries as a Model"

Pages 51-71
Arjwan Y. Sheekh Ali


The Availability of Dynamic Capabilities in Educational Organizations an Applied Study at the University of Mosul and the Northern Technical University

Pages 72-88


Financial Literacy Levels Test Analytical Study of a Sample of Graduate Students, College of Administration and Economics / University of Mosul

Pages 89-114
Taif R. Ali


The Contribution of Servant Leadership to Achieving Entrepreneurship - A Field Study in Zain Communications Company in Baghdad Governorate

Pages 115-132


Financial depth and its impact on financial inclusion by applying to Iraq and Egypt

Pages 133-160


The Acceptance of Blended Learning System Among Accounting Lecturers: An Empirical Study Based on Technology Acceptance Model

Pages 161-177


Lean manufacturing and its role in achieving green marketing: an exploratory study in the Mosul Dairy Factory

Pages 178-199
wijdan H. Hamoody


The Impact of Organizational Climate on Reducing Organizational Conflict / A Field Study in the General Company for Iraqi Grain Trade / Salah Al-Din Branch

Pages 200-226


High Performance Work Systems: An Interactive Variable of the Relationship Between The Characteristics of the Reconfigurable Manufacturing System and the Philosophy of Lean Manufacturing

Pages 227-259


The Distributional Effects of Change the Exchange Ratein Iraq Economic During the Period (1990-2020)

Pages 260-287


The Effect of Strategic Information Systems Planning Process on Strategic Alignment: The Moderator Role of Environmental Hostility

Pages 288-329


The role of social media influencers in supporting and revitalizing the brand and persuading to buy

Pages 330-353


Level of Stability in the Palestinian Economy and its Impact on the level of Fragility in Palestinian Society

Pages 354-372
Maen A. Salhab


The Role of the Innovative Marketin in Achieving Marketing Excellence, An Eploratory Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Employees in Government Banks in Duhok City

Pages 373-396
Bewar Haji

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