Relationship between the leptin, progesterone, body weight, and onset of puberty in ewe lambs

Pages 833-837
Mohammed Q. Al-Ali; Mohammed A. Rahawy


Estimation of gestational age in Shami goats based on transabdominal ultrasonographic measurements of fetal parameters

Pages 839-846
Rozh S. Muhammad; Dhafer M. Aziz


Impact of parity, stage of lactation, and subclinical mastitis on the concentration of vitamin c in Shami camel milk

Pages 847-851
Razan Semsmia; Tarek Abed AL-Rahim; ِ Moatasem Bellah Al-Daker


The moderating effect of Panax ginseng roots on the male reproductive system and heat shock protein 70 in heat-stressed Japanese quails

Pages 853-859
Suha A. Rasheed; Rana A. Asim; Heba M. Jasim


The role of DMSO and MSM in treatment of tendinopathies affection in equine: A comparative study

Pages 861-868
Hamid Akbar; Fiaz Ahmad; Muhammad Abid Hayat; Muhammad Arif Khan; Muhammad Yasin Tipu; Muhammad Talha Sajjad; Hafiz Manzoor Ahmad; Fawad Khalil


The impact of various antioxidant supplementation on ram's sperm quality, fertilization, and early embryo development, in vitro

Pages 869-876
Saif O. Al-Hafedh; Fatin Cedden


Effect of garlic oil nanoemulsion against multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from broiler

Pages 877-888
Amal S. El-Oksh; Dalia M. Elmasry; Ghada A. Ibrahim


Isolation and molecular detection of some virulence associated genes in avian pathogenic E. coli

Pages 889-894
Majid H. Hasan; Sameer M. Abdullah; Amjed H. Ulaiwi


Phylogenetic tree constructed of Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica isolated from animals and humans in Basrah and Baghdad governorates, Iraq

Pages 895-903
Maitham S. Sadiq; Rasha M. Othman


Molecular description of melatonin receptor 1A gene in Iraqi buffalo

Pages 905-912
Hassan N. Habib; Khalaf A. Al-Rishdy; Murthda F. AL-Hellou


Histomorphometrical and histochemical study of the pancreas on the local dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)

Pages 913-922
Samyan L. Mostafa; Yahya Ahmed Mohammed


Clinical and molecular detection of Sarcoptes scabiei in the Iraqi camels

Pages 923-930
Mohammad H. Al-Hasnawy; Hamed A. Al-Jabory; Lina S. Waheed


Pregabalin potentiates the analgesic effect of tramadol, diclofenac and paracetamol in chicks: Isobolographic analysis

Pages 931-937
Qutaiba M. Mohammed; Yasser M. Albadrany


Molecular detection of mecA gene in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated from dairy mastitis in Nineveh governorate, Iraq

Pages 939-943
Omar H. Sheet


Multi-drug resistant phenotypes of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing E. coli from layer chickens

Pages 945-951
Adewale Olopade; Asinamai A. Bitrus; Asabe H. Halimat Momoh-Zekeri; Pwaveno H. Bamaiyi


Molecular identification of virulence genes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from fish (Cyprinus carpio) in Mosul city

Pages 953-958
Asmaa J. Altaee; Sumaya Y. Aldabbagh


Morphometric characterization of purebred Arabian horses for galop racing (Born and raised in Algeria)

Pages 959-966
Ahmed R. Benia; Sidi M. Selles; Naceur Benamor


Assessment of ova collection with or without centrifugation after ovarian slicing for In vitro fertilization of slaughterhouse specimens of Iraqi Awassi ewes

Pages 967-972
Faten F. Mustafa; Uday T. Naoman


Comparing efficacy of the platelet rich plasma and advanced platelet rich fibrin on tibial bone defect regeneration in dogs

Pages 973-980
Sarah A. El-shafey; Abd El-mageed F. El-Mezyen; Ahmed S. Behery; Mustafa Abd El Raouf


Morphohistopathological alteration in the gills and central nervous system in Cyprinus carpio exposed to lethal concentration of copper sulfate

Pages 981-989
Adeeb F. Saied; Shahbaa K. Al-Taee; Nidhal T. Al-Taee


Clinicopathological and imaging features of hypertrophic osteopathy in dogs

Pages 991-997
Shimaa A. Ezzeldein; Yasmin Bayoumi; Eslam F. Eisa; Mohamed Metwally; Noura E. Attia; Mustafa Abd El Raouf


Copper chitosan nanocomposite as antiviral and immune-modulating effect in broiler experimentally infected with chicken anemia virus

Pages 999-1009
Dalia M. Elmasry; Mai A. Fadel; Farida H. Mohamed; Asmaa M. Badawy; Hanaa H. Elsamadony


Interaction of meloxicam and phenylbutazone on the level of cyclooxygenase-2 in mice

Pages 1011-1016
Yaareb J. Mousa; Khalil A. Khalil; Mahmood B. Mahmood


Genetic variants of the bone morphogenetic protein gene and its association with estrogen and progesterone levels with litter size in Awassi ewes

Pages 1017-1022
Marwa A. Ali; Alaa H. Kadhim; Tahreer M. Al-Thuwaini


The protective impacts of lipoic acid on diclofenac-induced hepatorenal toxicity in broiler chicks

Pages 1023-1027
Marwa R. Abdul-Ghani; Ahmed S. Naser


Multivariable binary logistic regression model to predict risk factors of peste des petits ruminants in goat and sheep

Pages 1029-1034
Abdelrahman A. Sobeih; Khiry M. El-Bayoumi; Mahmoud S. El-Tarabany; Ahmed A. Abuel-Atta; Sherif A. Moawed


Impact of sodium butyrate on stimulating of some host defense peptides and body performance in broiler vaccinated with different avian influenza (H9N2) vaccines

Pages 1035-1040
Mohanad B. Ghanim; Fanar A. Isihak


Molecular analysis of Cryptosporidium species in domestic goat in central Iraq

Pages 1041-1045
Akeel M. Al-Musawi; Abdul Hussein H. Awad; Mansoor J. Alkhaled


Coprological detection of Toxocariosis in domicile and stray dogs and cats in Sulaimani province, Iraq

Pages 1047-1051
Zana M. Rashid; Sadat A. Aziz; Othman J. Ali; Nawroz K. Kakarash; Hardi F. Fattah Marif


Assessment of multiplex PCR for detection of FMDV, BVDV, BTV, and possible coinfection with Pasteurella multocida in cattle

Pages 1053-1059
Gawhara J. Abdelmonem; Ali M. Amer; Elsayed A. Hussein; Zeinab R. Aboezz; Ahmed R. Habashi; Saad S. Sharawi


Protective effect of propolis on liver and kidney injury caused by methotrexate in chicks

Pages 1067-1061
Maab A. Fadel; Manahel A. Abdullah; Saevan S. Al-Mahmood; Imad A. Thanoon


The histological and histochemical features of the esophagus in local breed dogs (Canis familiaris)

Pages 1069-1074
Mohammed S. Dawood; Dhyaa A. Abood; Aseel Y. Hameza


The potential of Kebar grass extract on histopathological changes in kidneys of mice offspring from the parent exposed to carbofuran during the lactation period

Pages 1075-1082
Epy Muhammad Luqman; Ernestine Sisca Priyatna; Maslichah Mafruchati; Hani Plumeriastuti; Widjiati Widjiati; Viski Fitri Hendrawan


Molecular Identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in meat at Mosul city retails using PCR technique

Pages 1083-1087
Ibrahim M. Jawher; Muntaha G. Hasan


Anticonvulsant and antioxidant activities of crude flavonoid extract of Matricaria chamomilla L. against convulsions induced by pentylenetetrazole in chicks

Pages 1089-1095
Suleiman D. Suleiman; Jian S. Hassan


Immunohistochemical expression of proliferation markers in canine osteosarcoma

Pages 1097-1102
Waseem H. Al-Jameel; Hadil B. Al-Sabaawy; Firas M. Abed; Saevan S. Al-Mahmood


Histomorphological and carbohydrate histochemical study of the pancreas in native ducks (Anas Platyrhynchos)

Pages 1103-1110
Saffanah K. Mahmood; Naziha S. Ahmed; Ghada A. Sultan; Mowaffak J. Yousif


The histologic effects of high doses of botulinum toxin a on the rabbit's salivary gland

Pages 1111-1117
Luma I. Khalel; Jawnaa Khalid Mammdoh; Abdullah A. Ahmed


Acute toxicity events of ivermectin in chicks’ model

Pages 1119-1124
Tamara K. Al-Najmawi; Muna H. Al-Zubaidy


Effect of exogenous oxytocin on the expression of oxytocin receptor gene and uterine involution in local Iraqi cows

Pages 1125-1132
Barra D. Al-Watar; Khawla A. Hussein