On the Performance of a Microstrip Antenna Based UC-PBG Structures for UHF RFID Readers

Pages 480-487
Ali S. Jalal; Marwa H. Jwair


Select the Best Cyclic Prefix for Various Effective Area in an O-OFDM System

Pages 488-492
Sinan Majid; Razi J. Al Azawi; Rend N. Alrays


Experimental Study of Mechanical Properties of Type Linear Low Density Polyethylene and Mold Design

Pages 493-499
Samir A. Amin; Ali Y. Hassan


Studying the Efficiency of Lime-Soda Sinter Process to Extract Alumina from Colored Kaolinite Ores Using Factorial Technique of Design of Experiments

Pages 500-508
Hijran Z. Toama; Abdul-Wahab A. Al-Ajeel; Ajheen H. Jumaah


Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Simulated for Square Patch Antenna of Head Tissues

Pages 209-513
Ahmed M. Ahmed


DCF with FBG for Dispersion Compensation in Optical Fiber Link at Various Bit Rates using Duobinary Modulation Format

Pages 514-519
Hussein A. Mahmood


Investigate the Effect of Different Kinds of Discontinuous Fibers on the Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Matrix Composite Materials

Pages 520-522
Ahmed Muhammad; Ibrahim A. Atiyah; Hamza M. Kamal; Ahmed M. Al-Mukhtar


Stability Analysis of an Earth Dam Using GEO-SLOPE Model under Different Soil Conditions

Pages 523-532
Usama R. Mishal; Thair S. Khayyun


Applying Fuzzy Multi-Criteria DecisionMaking and Different Techniques to Solve Multi Objective Project Planning

Pages 533-545
Mahmoud A. Mahmoud; Luma A. AL-Kindi; Haider N. Hady


Beneficiation of Low Grade Calcium Bentonite Claystone

Pages 546-554
Hijran Z. Toama; Abdul-Wahab A. Al-Ajeel; Ekhlas M. Abdullah


Developing a Branch and Bound Algorithm for Cell Formation and Group Scheduling

Pages 555-563
Amjad B. Abdulghafour; Dhulfiqar H. Dhayef


Investigation of Microstructure and Chemical Analysis Along Weldments AISI 410 MSS/ER Nicrmo-3

Pages 564-573
Emad S Al-Hassani


Proposed Design Against High-Cycle Fatigue Failure of Metallic Beams Using Lamination

Pages 574-581
Riyah N. Kiter


Effects of Enhancement P+ Layer on IGBT Operation

Pages 582-585
Inmar N. Ghazi; Hayder T. Assafli; Wail Y. Nassir


Enhancement of Thermal Storage Properties of Phase Change Material by Using Metallic Swarf

Pages 586-595
Abdulkareem Khudhair; Falah Hatem; Dher Mohammed Ridha

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