The effect of using the round robin in learn the art of performing some volleyball skills and developing the tendency towards physical education for secondary students

Pages 1-13
afrah thannoon; safa alemam; Sabhan Ahmed


The effect of a strategy (think - pair - share) in teaching the skill of free-throw shooting in basketball among fourth-grade students of science

Pages 14-29
Amal Butr; Ahmedl Ail; Rafal Ashaq; Nuhaal Nayef


Professional ethics for the coaches of the Iraqi Paralympic sub-committees from the players' point of view

Pages 30-47
Ahmed Jasim; mohammed saleem najeeb


The effect of using the ES7 strategy on the bilateral reciprocal the skill achievement of some wrestling grips method in

Pages 48-64
Salwan Khaled; Islam Abdel Salam


Self-confidence and its relationship to the accomplishment a test (25) meters free swimming among students of the department of physical education and sports sciences at AL-Noor University

Pages 65-76
Omar Abdul Wahid


The administrative efficiency of the faculties of physical education and sports sciences in the Kurdistan Region - Iraq Using total quality standards

Pages 77-100
Tahceen shiroani


Constructing Tests distinct force speed of the legs’ in Free Swimming for the Advanced

Pages 101-113
Ahmed Hussain; makee mahmood Al rawy


The effect of aerobic stress on superoxide dismutase and glutathione and relations with Calcium blood in football players

Pages 114-126
Bestoon Ahmad


Fartlek exercises and their effect on molecular biology (vascular endothelial growth factor-basic fibroblast growth factor) and some physical variables for players 800m arena and field for youth

Pages 127-142
ahmed salim; Saif Kadum; Mohammed Khaleel


A proposed plan to manage premier basketball clubs in Kurdstan region –Iraq under the spotlight of comprehensive quality criteria

Pages 143-163
Tahceen shiroani


An analytical study of the reality of sports activity in the student activities directorates of the Middle Euphrates universities

Pages 164-179
NAHIDAH ABD ZAID; Mohammed Aljahni; ridha hadi


A comparative study in the vertical work done and the ball launch angle between the Float and crushing services of jumping in volleyball

Pages 180-195
Buthaina Thanoun; Roaa Younes; Sarah Ali


The effectiveness of physical measurements in distinguishing the hierarchical method for high- and low-level students in physical fitness

Pages 196-206
haifa hadi; ghayda Al_Neamy


Job engagement for physical education teachers in secondary schools in the city of Mosul

Pages 207-219
Ibrahim Hamza; Khaled Aziz


Psychological representation among the players of some teams of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - University of Mosul

Pages 220-230
Ismail Saleh; Nagham ALkhafaf; Nagham Al-Obaidi


Construction a Scale of Theoretical and Legal Knowledge of Basketball Among Second-Year Students in the College of Physical Education And Sports Sciences | Mosul University for the Academic Year 2021/2022

Pages 231-238
Ahmed Abdel Muttalib; isam Nahi; Hashim Ahmed Suliman Al-Essa

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