Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Hydrogen Peroxide against Endodontic Enterococcus faecalis

Pages 158-164
Saraa Al-Mallah; Ali M Al-Naimi


Clinical and Histological Effects of N-acetyl Cysteine Intraperitoneal Injection on Primary Wound Healing in Rabbits.

Pages 165-176
Zaid muhammad


Speeding Orthodontics: A Review Article

Pages 177-184
Nada N Al-Hafidh; Afrah Kh Al Hamdany; Lamiaa A Hasan


An Overview on the Applications of Finite Element Analysis in Orthodontic

Pages 185-192
Ali R Al-Khatib; lamiaa A. Hasan; Nada N Al-Hafidh


The Effect of Zirconium Oxide Nanoparticle on the Tear Strength of Maxillofacial Silicone

Pages 193-201
Israa Ezzulddin Hussein; Radhwan Himmadi Hasan


The Effect of Diode Laser Irradiation on Surface Roughness of Bleached Enamel: An in Vitro Study

Pages 202-214
Alaa H. Ali; Abduladheem Raouf


Treatment of Horizontally Impacted Lower Cuspid with Two Roots Anatomical anomaly (Case Report)

Pages 215-227
Hakam H. Alfakhry; Saba H Al Al Zubaidi; Anas M AL mukhtar


Assessment of Dental Implant Stability Using Two Platelet-Rich Fibrin Proto-cols (A Comparative Clinical Study)

Pages 228-239
Rahma Atheed Kamal; Rayan S Hamed


Heat Generation by Diode Laser (1064-nm) on Dental Implants. (An in vitro study)

Pages 240-250
Abdulhameed N Aldabagh


Effect of Different Mouthwashes on Gingival Health of Dental Students

Pages 251-259
Reaam A Fadhil; Saher S. Gasgoos


Effect of Different Mouthwashes and Text Messages on Plaque Accumulation for Dental Students

Pages 260-269
Reaam A Fadhil; Saher S. Gasgoos


Effect of Thymol Incorporation on Antibacterial Activity of the Locally Prepared Zinc Oxide-Guaiacol Root Canal Sealer: An in Vitro Study

Pages 270-280
Fatin S Mohammed; Sawsan Al-jubori


Bolton’s Ratios for Patients with Different Angle’s Malocclusions Seeking Orthodontic Treatment in Kurdistan Region

Pages 281-291
Mokhtar M.S Al-Hamidi; Mariam Noaman Jasim; Wurood Jasim Dhayef


The Synergistic Effect of Aqueous Extracts of Iraqi Propolis and CPP-ACPF Paste on Enamel Microhardness after Demineralization Challenge.

Pages 292-306
Mayada Kashmoola; Aisha A. Qasim

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