Numerical Investigation the Failure Mechanism of Left Slope of Darbandikhan Dam

Pages 1-11
Tareq H. AL-Rahal; Suhail I. Khattab; Bayar J. Al- Sulayfani


A Review on Mix Design of Self-Compacting Concrete

Pages 12-21
Nuha H. Al_jubory; Tuqa Waleed Ahmed; Roua Suhail Zidan


Effect of Water Content and Dry Density on the Shear Strength Parameters for Expansive Soil

Pages 22-29
Ali Nazal Mohammed; Amina A. Khalil


Robust Power System Stabilizer Design Based on H∞/μ

Pages 30-36
Firas Ahmed Aldurze


Improving the Performance of A Flat Plate Solar Collector Using Nanofluid as Working Fluid

Pages 37-45
Omar Mohammed Hamdoon


A Review of Solar Air Heaters: Techniques for Thermal Performance Enhancement

Pages 46-59
Omar Mohammad Hamdoon


Studying The Effect of Intake Channel Angle on the Sediment Transport Branching Channels

Pages 60-65
Ehsan Elewy Salman; Mwafaq Younis Mohammed


Study of Scour Around Cylindrical Bridge Piers with Circular Openings

Pages 66-74
Mays Ibrahim Alsaidi; Ghania Abd Al-Majeed Hayawi; Mena Ahmed Alsawaf


Slope Stability Study of Al-Qaim Dam that Proposed to be Constructed on Khosar River – Case Study

Pages 75-83
Farah K. Saeed; Kamel A. Almohseen; Abdulwahab M. Yunis


Modelling of Wetting Front Advance and Discharge Change of Subsurface Line Source

Pages 84-92
Abdulghani Kh. Mohammed; Entesar M. Ghazal


Effect of Nozzle Angel & Cyclic Pressure Head Variation on Water Distribution Uniformity for Stationary Sprinkler Systems

Pages 93-104
Esraa Ali Younis; Haqqi Ismail Yasin


Analysis of Rainfall Data for a Number of Stations in Northern Iraq

Pages 105-117
Ihsan F. Hasan; Younis N. Saeed


Surrogate Worth Trade - Off (SWT) Method and the Decision-Making Process in Water Resources Planning and Management

Pages 118-126
Mohammed Awni Khattab; Kamel Ali Almohseen


Design of an Efficient Network Monitoring System Based on Agents

Pages 127-135
Ahmed Mohammed Basheer; Turkan Ahmed Khaleel


ESP32 Microcontroller Based Smart Power Meter System Design and Implementation

Pages 136-143
Issa Ahmed Abed; Hayder Yasir Naser


Weighting Signal Error Reduction

Pages 144-151
Abdelkader Faris Al Shalji; Dr. Fakhrulddin Hamid Ali


Comprehensive Study and Evaluation of Commonly used Dimensionality Reduction Techniques in Biometrics Field

Pages 152-163
Shahad A. Sultan; M. F. Ghanim


Faults Diagnosis in Robot Systems: A Review

Pages 164-175
Muhamad Azhar A.Alobaidy; Dr. Jassim M. Abdul-Jabbar; Saad Zaghlul Al-khayyt


Simulation and Experimental Gait Cycle of Two Types of Degree of Freedom Bipedal Robot

Pages 176-188
Ali Fawzi AbulKareem; Ahmed AbdulHussein Ali