Choice Between Composite and Amalgam Restorations According to Dentists and Patients Perception

Pages 1-17
Hanan Mahmood; Asaad Mohammed Abd-alqader; Raya jasm Al-Naimi


Kinesiology Tape in Comparison with Submucosal Injection of Dexamethasone in Reducing Pain and Swelling After Surgical Removal of Impacted Lower Wisdom Teeth

Pages 18-24
Issam Abdullah Mohammed; Ziad Hazim Deleme


Challenge Skills Criteria for Dental Implants Success in Inferior Alveolar Nerve Lateralization and Transposition

Pages 25-35
Rawaa Y. Al-Rawee; Bashar Abdul-Ghani Tafeeq; Radhwan Hazim Al-Khashab


Histological Effects of Cytarabine on Liver and Buccal Mucosa in Mice

Pages 36-45
Ghasaq Ahmad dawood; Ghada Abd Alrhman Taqa; Manar Alnema


Histological Effects of Adding Gold to the Eggshell nHA and Seashell nHA on Rabbits Wound Healing

Pages 46-54
Banan Alhussary; Ghada Abd Alrhman Taqa; Amer A. Taqa


Effect of Herbal Mouthwash on Salivary pH in Orthodontic Patients

Pages 55-62
Israa R. Rafed Alkasso; Ghada Abd Alrhman Taqa; Sarmad S. Al qassar


Comparison Chlorohexidine vs Herbal mouthwash on Salivary pH in Orthodontic patients

Pages 63-72
Israa R. Alkasso; Ghada Abd Alrhman Taqa; Sarmad S. Al qassar


Anti-inflammatory effect of vitamin D3 on chronic gingivitis

Pages 73-82
Asmaa Y Thanoon; Faehaa Azher Al-Mashhadane


Antioxidant Effect of Folic Acid and its Relation to Salivary Proteins and Oral Health

Pages 83-94
Rawia Fehr Al-Basrawi; Faehaa azher Al-Mashhadane


CAD-CAM Technology: A literature review

Pages 95-113
Mohammed A Abdulla; Hala Ali; Raghad S Jamel


Antioxidant effect of vitamin D-3 and its relation to salivary protein and oral health

Pages 114-124
Asmaa Y Thanoon; Faehaa azher Al-Mashhadane


Rapid Detection of Candida species Isolated from Denture Stomatitis Patients using Phenotypic methods and Chromogenic agar media

Pages 125-133
Hayffaa Abdulla; Eman Abdul Aziz Mustafa


The Effects of Combining Drill Diameters Bypass, and Implant Bed under Preparation Protocols on Primary Stability of Dental Implant in Low-Density Bones (Experimental Study)

Pages 134-142
Zaid Bashir; Mohammad Sulaiman


Role of Multi-Disciplinary Team Clinic in the Management of Orthognathic Patients A Seven Years Review of Orthognathic Surgery

Pages 143-153
Bashar Tawfeeq; Rawaa Y Al-Rawee; Younis Saeed; Dina Al-Khashab; Mahmood Ahmed

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