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A contrastive study in some body measurements and functional variables between the goal keepers and the futsal goalkeepers

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS)
Volume 25, Issue 79, Autumn 2022, Page 293-303
Omar Sameer Hamoo; Aida Mohamad Al akam; Khaled Hameed Majeed


Contribution Percentages of certain Body Measurements and Physical Fitness Components on certain Handball Attack Skills for the students of Sport Education Institution in Akra

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS)
Volume 18, Issue 59, Autumn 2012, Page 313-336
Dhyaa. Ibrahim; Shihab. hassan


Differentiation between Excellent and First-Grade Players According to a Number of Skilful Variables and Body Measurements in Volleyball

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS)
Volume 20, Issue 65, Summer 2014, Page 169-202
Ghaidaa Salim Aziz; Ali Ibrahim Salih


Effect of Licorice Extract on some Body Measurements and Histology of the Testes in Awassi Male Lambs

Euphrates Journal of Agriculture Science
Volume 7, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Page 59-65
Salah Mahdi AL-Shammary


Effect of the various body measurements on the reproductive performance in Arabi ewes: 1. Influence on the prolificacy rate

Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences)
Volume 34, Issue 4, Autumn 2008, Page 47-52
T. A. Jaayid and M. F. Al-Hello


The effectiveness of physical measurements in distinguishing the hierarchical method for high- and low-level students in physical fitness

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS)
Volume 25, 77 syppl, Summer 2022, Page 196-206
haifa hadi; ghayda Al_Neamy


The effect of taking pure creatine that accompanied with training on some body component and measurements for beginners

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS)
Volume 22, Issue 69, Spring 2019, Page 61-91
Yassin AL Hajar; Yasser Muneir AL-Bakal