Effect of Specific Endurance Exercises By Divided The Body In to upper and lower Style on a number of Physical variables and achieving in (50) meter Breast stroke swimming of juniors

Volume 20, Issue 65, August 2014, Pages 117-144
Muafaq aldabbagh; Ali Al_Mashhadani


Impact curriculum using animation to learn some basic skills Free for swimming and cognitive achievement for students of the Institute of Physical Education in Koya

Volume 50, Issue 1818, December 2017, Pages 258-280
MD Kamran Rahman Nariman


Impact of some aspects of muscle strength exercises in number of physical variables and the level of achievement for 50-meter freestyle swim for men

Volume 20, Issue 66, December 2014, Pages 158-193
Enad Jarjees; Omer Hamdoon


Measuring the weight and body mass of the swimmer inside the water

Volume 24, 73 syppl, March 2021, Pages 106-119
Falah. T. Hammo; Hasan H. Abdullah


The Effect of Mending Exercises on Some of The Biochenmatic Variables Used For Initiating Runs For Swimming Sport

Volume 26, Issue 81, October 2023, Pages 402-417
sameem ahmad al-mallah


The effect of Post feedback in some biokinmatics variables to the start block in the swimming

Volume 24, 73 syppl, March 2021, Pages 1-22
Thaer Ghanem Mulla Alou; Samim Ahmad Yunis


The impact of the V-shape strategy on learning basic skills in a breaststroke

Volume 53, Issue 1818, December 2017, Pages 251-265
Prof. Dr. Najlaa Abbas; Prof. Dr.BoshraKazem A. Prof.Intisar Ahmed


تأثیر تمرینات خاصة لتطویر القوة االنفجاریة لألطراف السفلى بالانطلاق فی فعالیات السباحة لفئة الشباب لألعمار )21-21

Volume 12, Issue 23, December 2021, Pages 337-348
اوس مقداد جعفر

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