Evaluating the Mechanical Performance of Hot and Warm Asphalt Mixtures Utilizing Sulfur Waste as an Alternative Filler

Pages 1-11
Husam Taha Mahmood; Abdulrhem Ibrahem Al-Hadidy; Dong Zejiao


Energy-Efficient Cluster Head Selection via Genetic Algorithm

Pages 12-25
Noor Raad Saadallah; Salah Abdulghani Alabady; Fadi Al-Turjman


Assessing the Impact of Composite Salt-Contaminated Groundwater on compressive strength of Concrete Foundations: A Case Study in Basra, Iraq

Pages 26-34
HAYDER ABDULHUSSEIN AL-Deewan; Mohammad Almohammad-albakkar; Hussein Khudhair; WADI AL-WADI


Advanced Techniques for Enhancing Low-Noise Amplifier Performance: A Review

Pages 35-45
Serri Saleh; Khalid K. Mohammed; Mohammad T Yaseen; Hashim H. H. Hausien


An Overview of Various Strategies for Dealing With The Under-Frequency Load Shedding Problem in Power Systems

Pages 46-67
Shawkat Mohammed Younus; Abdulghani Abdulrazaq Al-Taei; Omar Sharaf Al-Deen Al-Yozbaky; Imran Bashir


Simulation of Direct Extrusion Process of Aluminum Alloy Using the Finite Element Method

Pages 68-73
zena s badrany; Mohammed Najeeb Abdullah


Thermodynamic Design of 10 TR Single-Effect LiBr-H2O Absorption Refrigeration System

Pages 74-84
Soufyan Jamal Al-Osman; Saddam Atteyia Mohammad


The Colour Theme Preferences for Elegant Residential Interior Design in Mosul City, Iraq

Pages 85-93
Oday Qusay Abdulqader Al-Chalabi


Water Absorption of Foamed Concrete using Recycled Aggregate Derived from Construction and Demolition Waste

Pages 94-105
Zinah A. Shareef; Sofyan Kashmolah; Omar Mohammed Abdulkareem


A Review on Metamaterial Used in Antennas Design: Advantages and Challenges

Pages 106-117
Huda A. Al-Tayyar; Y. E. Mohammed Ali


Kinship Detection Based on Hand Geometry Using ResNet50 Model for Feature Extraction

Pages 118-125
Sarah Ibrahim Fathi; Mazin H. Aziz


Design and Miniaturized a High Suppression Stop band Micro strip Low Pass Filter by using Slot Defected Ground Structure for 5G Applications

Pages 126-131
Ashraf Khalid Al-hussein; Saad Wasmi Osman Luhaib


The Disaggregation Model via Non-Parametric Approach

Pages 132-143
Aisha M Almokhtar; Kamel Ali Almohseen; Shatha Hazim Hazim Al-Zakar


Energy Consumption Enhancement of a Solar Under Floor Heating System in a Small Family House Located in Mosul City, Iraq

Pages 144-153
Sara Q Khalil; Omar Mohammad Hamdoon; Ziad M. Almakhyoul


Underwater Robotics: Principles, Components, Modeling, and ‎Control

Pages 154-176
Ali A Rasheed; Rabee M. Hagem; AbdulSattar Mohammed Khidhir; Omar Salim Hazim