Geomorphological Analysis of Duhok Dam Site Using Remote Sensing Data

Pages 1-15
Alaa N. Hamdon; Rabeea Kh. Zand; Abdalrahman R. Qubaa; Sabah Hussein Ali


Environmental Pollution Assessment of Selected Dam Reservoir Sediments in Iraq

Pages 1-16
manal Samir AL-Bayati; Mahmoud Fadhil Al-Jomaily; Khaled Ahmed Abdullah


Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Coastal Sabkha Deposits Along Yakhtul Coast, Red Sea, Yemen

Pages 16-35
Saeed Omar Wasel; Badir Naama Albadran


Evaluation Of Environmental and Pollution Indices of Heavy Metals of Dust Samples in Baiji and Salah Al-Din General Hospitals in Salah Al-Din Governorate/ Iraq

Pages 17-44
Ahmed Ghazi Atiya AL-Shammary; Mahmoud Fadhil Al-Jomaily


The Effect of Halloysite Nanotubes Prepared from Iraqi Kaolin Clay in Improving Rubber Properties

Pages 36-48
omar elias aladwane; Adil kadir Hussien; Aahed Younis Al-Mallah


Morphometric Analysis of The Alluvial Fans and Its Drainage Basins in The Sulaibiyat Depression Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Pages 45-61
Sarah Ali Abd; Yahya Hadi Muhammad


Using InSAR Time Series to Estimate Ground Displacement Resulting From 7.3Mw 12 November 2017, Earthquake, Near the Iraq-Iran Border

Pages 49-69
mohammad waled abdulamir; Ali k. Al-Ali


Water Quality Evaluation of the main Valleys for Agricultural Uses on the left side of Mosul City

Pages 62-89
Eman F Ibrahim; kotayba Tawfiq Al-Youzbakey


Concentration Of Heavy Metals and Heavy Metal Pollution Index Used for Groundwater Quality Assessment in Shamamik Basin in Erbil Governorate, Northern Iraq

Pages 70-84
Masoud Hussein Hamed


Study Of the Optimum Conditions for Removing Phosphate from House Water in City of Mosul Using Some Local Clays

Pages 85-96
Shaimaa A Khabory; Moath A. Al- Hajjar


Benthic Foraminifera and Sedimentary Environment of Shiranish Formation, Dukan Area, Northeastern Iraq

Pages 97-121
Yassen Hussein Hassan; Abdullah Sultan Shihab sultan ALhadidi


Evaluation of Radon Concentrations in The Soil of Kirkuk City

Pages 122-135
Genan Nassir Hawas; Ahmed Abed Ibrahim; Omer S. Al-Tamimi


Depositional Setting of the Euphrates Formation (Early Miocene) in Selected Wells, Hamrin Oil Field, Northern Iraq

Pages 136-155
Sarah Abd-alhameed Al-Taha; Mohammed A. Al-Haj


Evaluation of Groundwater Using The Water Quality Index (WQI) In Hawija Area, Kirkuk, Northern Iraq

Pages 156-180
Ahmed Hussein Majeed; Balsam Salim Al-Tawash; Hassan Ahmed Ali


Analysis of the Morphometric Characteristics of The Wadi Al-Safiya Basin in Western Iraq Using Geographic Information Systems

Pages 181-199
Raghad kazem Hamid; Yahya Hadi Muhammad


Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Heavy Metals Concentration in The Soil for A Selected Sites in Mosul City

Pages 200-215
Muhannad Tahseen Bk; kossay Kamaladeen Alahmady; Alaa N. Hamdon


Hydrogeochemical Evaluation of Groundwater In Sulaymaniyah-Sharazoor Basin, Kurdistan, NE Iraq

Pages 216-243
Halmat Ali Salih; Diary Ali Al-Manmi; Hadi Ali Sanikhani


Temporal Geochemical Changes and Evaluation the Suitability of Groundwater in Badra District in Eastern of Wasit Governorate, Iraq

Pages 244-258
Ruaa Issa Muslim; Mohanad R. A. Al-Owaidi; Taher Mahmood Taha; Ameer Jawad Kadhim


Usefulness Study of Mineralogical Treatment Enhancing the Quality of Claystone Used in The Nineveh Governorate for The Brick Industry

Pages 259-270
Rana abdulelah alhialy; Eman Q. Al-Ojar; Azealdeen S Al-Jawadi; Roaa Mohammed Al shurafi


Uranium and Organic Geochemistry of Oil Shale in Attarat Um Ghudran, Jordan

Pages 271-289
Khalil M Ibrahim; Hanan B. Abdel Rahman

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