The Sites and Canal (Falage) of the Lower Khabur Region in Syria

Pages 3-28
Nael Hanoon


The Importance of Money in Supporting the Authority of the Assyrian Kings -Study in the Light of Cuneiform Sources

Pages 29-56
Israa Ihsan Ali; Safwan Sami Saeed


Gifts Exchanged Between the Egyptians and the Babylonians in the Light of the Amarna Letters

Pages 57-70
Yassin Ramadan Hassan; Ahmed Zidan Al-Hadidi


The Architecture of the Temples with the Tripartite Style in Mesopotamia from the Sixth Millennium Until the End of the Second Millennium BC

Pages 71-102
Karwan S. Bekr; Noman J. Ibrahim; Aziz M.A. Al-Zibary


The Nominal Sentence in the Akkadian Language- A Grammatical Study

Pages 103-134
Mohammed Muhareb Ali Al-Jubouri; Ameen Abd-Anafi Ameen


Agriculture in Bilad Al sham (Levant) in the Seventeenth Century through the Book of Gahan-Nama by Kateb Chalabi

Pages 135-160
Husham Sawadi Hashim


The Shekel in Ancient Civilizations

Pages 161-196
Adnan Ahmad Abudayyah; Dalia Ilyas Zalloum


Restoration and Conservation of an Antique Wood Shutter Door from the Safawi Period

Pages 197-226
Saad Ahmed Abed Alaraje; Yasmin Abdulkareem Abdulkareem Mohameed Ali Alasady


The Religious Effect on Development the Knowledge of Medicine & Drugs of the Ancient Egyptian

Pages 229-256
Fatin Muwafaq Fadel


Archaeological Terms: A Study in Semantics and Usage

Pages 257-280
Omar Jassam Fathel


Budget Calculation in the Light of an Unpunished Cuneiform Text from the Akkadian Period

Pages 281-294
Rana waleed Fathi


Architectural Characteristics of Vaults and their Uses in Building in the City of Mosul – Selected Models

Pages 295-312
Rana waadallah Alnaemy


Legends and Tales about the Assyrian Irrigation at Nineveh Suburbs

Pages 313-340
Rakan Faraj Al-Khayyat


Macrobotanical Remains in Archaeology: Preservation Modes and Method

Pages 341-363
Saya Halko Fattah Agha; Ramon Buxó Capdevila; Ari Khaleel Kamil

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