Comparison between two medical drugs' effect on the crushed sciatic nerve healing in dogs

Pages 1-6
Osama H. Al-Hyani; Ahmed Kh. Ali; Ahmed M. Al-Saidya; Hana Kh. Ismail


The relationship of DGAT1 polymorphisms and milk fatty acids production of cows bred in Iraq (Local, cross and Holstein-Friesen)

Pages 7-14
Muntaha Y. Yousief; Hanaa A. Al-Galbi; Hadar A. Al-Bataat


Prevalence, antibiotic resistance, and phylogenetic analysis of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from various sources in Egypt: fish, vegetables, and humans

Pages 15-27
Sahar O. Saleh; Asmaa A. Hussien; Asmaa G. Youseef; Waleed K. Younis; Asmaa G. Mubarak


Age-related pancreatic tissue postnatal histogenesis in the albino rat (Rattus norvegicus): A morphological, morphometrical, and immunohistochemical study with emphasis on alpha and beta cells

Pages 29-36
Asmaa I. Ahmad; Ammar G. Al-Haaik


Efficacy of vaccine from whole killed Vibrio alginolyticus cells on the immune response of white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

Pages 37-44
Laith A. Razzak; Nur Adlin Hisham; Moayad M. Abu Darwish; Hassan Sheikh


Morphological study of laying and non-laying female genital system in peacock (Pavo cristatus)

Pages 45-53
Hanaa K. Alshammary; Shaker M. Mirhish


The radiological study of using fabricated calcium hydroxide from quail eggshell and plasma-rich fibrin for reconstitution of a mandibular bone gap in dogs

Pages 55-62
Ali G. Atiyah; Layth M. Alkattan; Ahmed M. Shareef


Novel CRISPR/Cas13- based assay for diagnosis of avian infectious bronchitis

Pages 63-69
Mahasen A. Khudeir; Amjed S. Alsultan; Yahia I. Khudhair


Hemoparasites effect on interferon-gamma and miRNA 125b expression in Bubalus bubalis

Pages 71-76
Cintia L. Santos; Elem C. Barra; Laura J. Paredes; Elizabeth M. Barbosa; Alexandre D. Casseb; Caio S. Silva; Sebastião T. Filho; Ednaldo D. Filho


Costus-loaded silver nanoparticles mitigated AMPK and related pathways in the albino rat atherosclerosis model

Pages 77-87
Enaam E. Jabori; Hana Kh. Ismail; Luma W. Khaleel; Ahmed N. Flaih


Detection of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in cows in Mosul City, Iraq

Pages 89-95
Abeer S. Alnakeeb; Qaes T. Alsarhan


Study of genetic variation of myostatin (MSTN) and calpastatin (CAST) genes in two native Iraqi sheep by PCR-RFLP technique

Pages 97-103
Hayder R. Alnajm; Zeyad K. Imari; Talib A. Al-Rubeaye


A new RT-PCR assay for the revealing of Newcastle disease viruses by designing a pair of universal primers

Pages 105-112
Firas T. Al-Mubarak; Afnan G. Yaqoub; Manar M. Alnassar


Genetically diagnosis of Mycoplasma isolated from respiratory and conjunctival infections in household dogs

Pages 113-117
Saba A. Hussein; Mohammad A. Hamad


Molecular study of resistance genes in Escherichia coli isolated from chronic respiratory disease cases in broilers

Pages 119-124
Balsam Y. Rasheed; Mohammad A. Hamad; Fanar A. Isihak


Using polypropylene mesh or ear cartilage autograft with mini screws for the treatment of induced cleft hard palate in puppies: A comparative study

Pages 125-132
Mae Th. Al-Anaaz; Osama H. Al-Hyani


Impact of a high-fat diet on dyslipidemia and gene expression of low-density lipoprotein receptors in male rats

Pages 133-138
Ahmed A. Hussein; Nashaat G. Mustafa


Detection of subclinical paratuberculosis in dairy cattle in Egypt

Pages 139-146
Shehata I. Anwar; Salwa A. Gharieb


Palatoplasty using skin autograft and bovine skin xenograft for reconstituting an induced cleft in the hard palate of puppies: A comparative study

Pages 147-154
Mae Th. Al-Anaaz; Osama H. Al-Hyani


Risk factors assessment and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella isolates from apparently healthy and diarrheal dogs in Baghdad, Iraq

Pages 155-162
Fadhaa H. Abdullah; Nagham M. Al-Gburi


Potency of nano-zinc oxide on caspase-3 of male quail exposed to lipopolysaccharide

Pages 163-171
Hiyam N. Maty; Hadeel M. Hameed; Ashwaq A. Hassan


First analysis of beak and feather disease of psittacine in Nineveh province, Iraq

Pages 173-181
Ayman A. Al-Alhially


Molecular identification of Theileria species in cattle in Mosul city

Pages 183-189
Haithaum S. Albakri; Eman Gh. Suleiman; Ahlam F. Al-Taee


Immunohistochemically and semi-quantities analysis of carp gills exposed to sodium thiosulfate

Pages 191-198
Shahbaa Kh. Al-Taee


Study the biochemical, hematological, and histopathological alteration in heat-stress fish treated with an immune stimulant

Pages 199-205
Hadil B. Al-Sabaawy; Rana T. Altaee; Ahmed M. Al-Saidya; Hana Kh. Ismail; Alaa H. Alhamdani


Macroscopic and histomorphometry investigation of pancreas in adult local partridge (Francolinus francolinus)

Pages 207-214
Khalid I. Alkhazraji; Rabab A. Naser


Isolation, characterization, and ELISA applications of alkaline phosphatase and acetylcholinesterase from Moniezia expansa

Pages 215-223
Doaa A. Darwish; Hassan M. Masoud; Mohamed S. Helmy; Wafaa T. Abbas; Raafat M. Shaapan; Nagwa I. Toaleb; Mahmoud A. Ibrahim


An updated review of human monkeypox disease: A new potential global hazard

Pages 225-231
Saifur Rehman; Muhammad H. Khan; Muhammad Bilal; Widya P. Lokapirnasari; Shakkeb Ullah; Muhammad Sh. Khan; Muhammad K. Shah; Ambrina Tariq


Evaluation of the advantages of orphenadrine in anaesthesia caused by ketamine in mice

Pages 233-238
Ahmed S. Naser; Yasser M. Albadrany; Manahel A. Abdullah


Detection of potential effects of orphenadrine upon anesthesia with propofol and/or thiopental in mice

Pages 239-243
Yasser M. Albadrany; Ahmed S. Naser; Khalid A. Shaban