Effect of Filtration Units on Contact Time Required for Removal of Microorganisms

Pages 220-229
Ali Abdullah Hassan


Influence of Subcontracts on Increasing Productivity in Construction Projects

Pages 230-251
Zeiad Suliman Mohammed Khaled


Dynamic Analysis for Soil - Structure Systems Using Dynamic Stiffness

Pages 456-471
Mohamad Jawad K. Essa


Effect Of Initial Stress Anisotropy on The Cyclic Behaviour of Sand

Pages 472-498
Mohammed Yousif Fattah


Angle of Friction in Reinforced Earth

Pages 499-506
Awf A. Al - Kaisi; Zeena W. Abbawi


Effects Of WEB Openings on The Analysis of Cellular Plate Structures of Varying Depth by Grillage Method

Pages 507-523
Meethaq Sh . Al - Fatlawi


Bond Strength of Tension Bars in High - and Normal Strength Concrete Beams

Pages 524-536
Sarmad S. Al - Badri; Asma'a A. Ahmad


Shear Design of High and Normal Rc Beams Without Web Reinforcement

Pages 537-554
Kaiss F. Sarsam; Nabil A - M . Al - Bayati


Shear Strength and Behaviour of High Strength Fibrous Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams (HSFRCDB) With Shear Reinforcement

Pages 555-575
Omar Qarani Aziz


Transverse Shear Effect on Deflection of Tapered Beam under Uniformly Distributed Load

Pages 576-588
Husain M. Husain; Wisam F. Yossif


The Influence of Preaging on Some Mechanical Properties of Heat Treatable Automobile Body Sheet Aluminum Alloy (6063)

Pages 589-600
Shawnim Rashied Jalal


Dynamic Analysis of Box - Girder Bridges Using a Higher Order Finite Strip Formulation

Pages 601-617
A. A. Abdul - Razzak; A. A. Mohammed

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