Association of neutrophil to lymphocyte and platelets to lymphocyte ratio with the severity of coronary artery diseases in patients with diabetes mellitus

Pages 1-11
osama kareem Abbas; Abdulameer Abdulbari; Firas AL-Obaidi


Evolutionary and Historical study of ; Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV)

Pages 12-25
Alaa Khattar Mousa; Awatif Hameed Issa


Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Organ Donation and Transplantation among patient companion attending outpatient department at a Teaching Hospital in Baghdad city -Iraq

Pages 26-39
AMMAR F ABID; Naser sabah Hussein


The Adherence of Doctors to Brain CT Referral Criteria - A Service Evaluation Survey from Basrah Teaching Hospital

Pages 40-48
Hassan Ala Farid; Elaf Salim Mohammed; Ahmed Siwan; Ali Raheem Hashim


The Impact of lifestyle intervention on blood pressure control in hypertensive patients

Pages 49-61
Amjad Ouda Ajam; Raghed Aiad Jasim; Abdalameer Abdullhameed Abd Al Bari


Relationship between Glycemic Control and Different Insulin Regimens in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes mellitus

Pages 62-70
Raghda Saleem


The prevalence of gallstones among patients with obesity and its link to hypocalcemia; in Sulaimani Governorate, Kurdistan Region/Iraq. A prospective case-control study.

Pages 71-77
hiwa omer ahmed; Shirwan hamasalih omer; Farman Othman Faraj


Factors influencing the use of contraceptive methods among women of reproductive age in Basrah

Pages 78-88
sara mohannad fouad


Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Overexpression In Invasive Breast Carcinoma : A Correlation With Clinicopathological Parameters

Pages 89-96
Noor Ahmed Sami

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