Sedimentological Study of the Chia Gara Formation Successions in Selected Outcrop Sections of Northern Iraq,

Pages 1-18
Ameen Satam Ahmed; Rafee Al-Hameedy


Evaluation of Groundwater Vulnerability to Pollution Using the DRASTIC Model and GIS in the Plain Part of the Khazir River Basin, Northern Iraq

Pages 1-19
Chiman Ismael Ahmed; Jalal Younis


Assessment Of Utilization of Sediments of The Wand Dam Reservoir For The Purposes Of Making Clay Bricks In Khanaqin, Diyala Governorate, Northeastern Iraq

Pages 19-32
manal Samir AL-Bayati; Khaled Ahmed Abdullah; Mahmoud Fadhil Al-Jomaily


Porosity Type Determination Using the Velocity Deviation Technique for The Sheikh Allas Formation in The Kirkuk Oil Field, Northeastern Iraq

Pages 20-36
Dhuha Mahmood Al-hamdani; Maan Hasan Abdullah; Rafee Al-Hameedy; Saad Ahmed Al Hamdani


Comparison of the Fold Shape Between Rocks of the Cretaceous and Paleogene Periods in the Chia Gara Anticline in Northern Iraq by Using Fourier Mathematical Analysis

Pages 33-49
Saddam Essa Al-khatony; Nawal Al-Abdullah; Mahmood Abdulhaq Alsumaidaie


Stratigraphical Position of Piran Limestone Unit in Piran Area, Erbil Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq: Insights from Occurrence of Calcareous Nannofossils

Pages 37-46
Rzger Abdulkarim Abdula; Omar Ahmed Al-Badrani


The Geomechanics Classification of Rock Mass with Using RMR and CRMR Method To Determine the Stability of Some Karst Caves in Haditha Area, Western Iraq

Pages 47-60
Mustafa Ibrahim; Mohammed Rashid Abood; Ali M. Abed


A Comparison between SCS-CN and Rational Methods to Runoff Estimation for Duhok Dam Watershed, Northern Iraq

Pages 61-71
Rondik Bahjat Mohammed Salih; Mohammed Fawzi Omer


Petrographical and Petrophysical Porosity Evaluation for Subsurface Cretaceous Nubia Sandstone at South-Ghara Oil Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Pages 72-90
Osama Elnaggar; Sherif Farouk; Mostafa Temraz; Mamdooh Shehata


Heavy Metals Pollution Assessment in Soil of Al-Zubair area, Southern Iraq

Pages 91-104
Sattar Jabbar Al-khafaji; Sajad Wafaa Jaafar


Microfacies Analysis and Depositional Environment of Baba Formation in Selected Wells from Kirkuk Oil Field, Northeastern Iraq

Pages 105-123
Rania Tahseen Simo; Zaid A. Malak; َQahtan Mohammed Hussein; Saad Ahmed Mahmood


New Biostratigraphic Ideas About the Cretaceous / Paleogene Boundary from Selected Sections in Kurdistan -Mesopotamian Foreland Basin, Northern Iraq

Pages 124-156
fadhil Ahmed LAWA; Heshw Ahmed Qadir


Microfacies and Paleoenvironment of Jaddala Formation in Selected Wells in Kirkuk and Jambour Fields in Northeastern Iraq

Pages 157-167
Wissam Ahmed Mohammed; Faris Najrees; Amaar Jamad Muhammed


The Use of Geophysical Well Logs in Determining the Some Petrophysical Properties of the Bajawan Formation in Selected Wells From the Kirkuk Field / Northern Iraq

Pages 168-188
Farah M. Al-Mawla; Bashar A. Al-Juraisy; Rafee I. Al-Hamidi; Kahtan M Hussain


Time Series Analysis of Drought Indices for Monitoring Desertification and Land Degradation

Pages 189-202
Ayad Abdullah Khalaf; Ali Hasan Hummadi


Hydrochemistry of Groundwater in Dibdibba Aquifer Between Karbala and Najaf, Centeral Iraq

Pages 203-217
ahmed Ismail al-Qaisi; sabbar abdullah salih; ahmed Qwair


Utilizing Shallow Seismic Refraction, Electric Resistivity Tomography, and Ground Penetrating Radar Techniques, to Evaluate Geotechnical Properties at El Galala Plateau, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Pages 218-238
Tarek Farag Shazly; Ahmed Abd El Hady El Khafeef; salah sheble saleh; shokry soleman; mohammed hassan Farag


Evaluation of the Validity of the Rocks of the Pila Spi Limestone Formation in Duhok Anticline / Northern Iraq for Riprap Purposes

Pages 239-249
ibrahim adnan salih; Mohammed Rashid Abood


The Geological Approach to Predict the Abnormal Pore Pressures in Abu Amoud Oil Field, Southern Iraq

Pages 250-265
amel habeeb


Groundwater Investigation Using Self-Potential (SP) Method in Part of Kirkuk City - Northern Iraq

Pages 266-278
dhahir khaleel Ali

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