The Use of Nannofossils in Determining the Age of the Sargelu Formation (Middle Jurassic) in the Hanjera section, Northern Iraq

Pages 1-12
Maha Atiah wahsh Al- Shamary; Zaid A. Malak; Omar Ahmed Al-Badrani


Combined Geoelectrical Tomography (ERT/IP) Methods and Geoelectrical ‎Parameters to Evaluate Groundwater in Qularaisi Area NW Sulaimani-Kurdistan Region-IRAQ

Pages 1-34
Ezzadin Baban; Abdulla Amin; Kwestan Ahmed


Determining the impact of climatic elements on vegetation cover based on remote sensing data - (Al-Hamdaniya district as a case study)

Pages 13-25
Mohammed M Alsalmany; Rayan Ghazi Thannoun; Ahmed Taha Shehab


Diagenetic processes of Shiranish Formation in Bekhair Anticline, Dohuk Governorate, Northern Iraq

Pages 26-50
Radhwan Alatroshe; Ammar Ramadhan Ali; Falah Mohammed Ahmed


Incorporation of granitic wastes and Malha Formation clays in the sewage pipes industry: insights on industrial using and environmental impact

Pages 35-49
Ahmed Wahid; Mohamed Heikal; Sherif Farouk; Hatem Eldesouky; Medhat El Mahallawy


The Geological Characteristics of Maqlub Mountain and Their Role in Developing the Karst

Pages 50-66
Sara Muneer Saeed; Sbahiyya Younis AL-Mohsin


Geomorphological Analysis of Chemical Weathering Features in Al-Band Hills Area, Eastern of Misan Governorate, Iraq

Pages 67-84
Bashar F. Maaroof; Hashim H. Kareem


Evaluation of the Bekhme Dam Site – NE Iraq using the Proposed Reduction System of the Rock Mass Strength

Pages 85-106
Azealdeen S Al-Jawadi; Ibraheem Al-Jumaily; Thanoon Hamid Al-Dabbagh; Colin Davie


Aquifer Pumping Test Data Analysis for well (B7-3) at Ain–Tamer Area West of Iraq.

Pages 107-117
Mohammed Taka


Effect of the Addition of Industrial Materials on the Properties of Expansive Soil in the Al-Azraq Area, Jordan

Pages 118-131
Mohammad Al-Masri; Islam Al-Dabsheh; Faten Al-Slaty


Spatial distribution of heavy metals in the soil of different area at left bank in Mosul City, Iraq: Part 2

Pages 132-153
Ruaa M. Al-Sheraefy; ِAdil K. Hussien; Aahed Younis Al-Mallah


Paleoenvironmental Conditions of the Chia Gara Formation from Rania Section Northeastern Iraq Using Geochemical Constraints

Pages 154-167
Flyah H. Al-khatony; Rafee AL-Hamidi; Safwan Fathi Hamed

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