Estimation of Gene Expression by Differential Display Technique of Potato Cultivars (Solanum Tuberosum L.) Grown in vitro Under Drought Stress

Pages 1-9
Tuqa R. Noor; Radhi Dheyab ِِAbed; Shatha A. Yousif


Efficiency of Some Inducing Factors to Protect Cucumber Seedlings from Infection with the Semi Pythium aphanidermatum Under Greenhouse Conditions

Pages 10-17
Mohammed J. S. Aljelibawi; Khalid W. Ibade


The Effect of Shadding Addition of Licorice Extract and Biofertilizers on The Growth and Production of Commercial Cut Flowers of Two Cultivars of Roses

Pages 18-28
louy abdalhamed alrawi; * Hammoud Gharbi Al-Marsoumi


The effect of local gypsum encapsulation and soaking with nanoparticle nitrogen on the growth and yield varieties of wheat bread

Pages 29-40
Amenah K. ِMusa; Mohammed O. Al-Ubaidi; Saddam H. Cheyed


Study of Spatial Variation in Some Chemical Soil Characteristics of Al-Nassaf and Al-Bushjal Districts in Fallujah/ Anbar.

Pages 41-50
Zeyad Farhan Al-Mohammadi; Husam Naji mukhlif; Adnan Neama Hussein


The Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Barchan Dunes in the Middle East

Pages 51-60
Ali M. Al-Dousari; Salih Muhammad Awadh; Muthana Muhammad Alrawi; Abdullatif Alyaqout; Noor Muhammad Al-Dousari; Abeer Hassan Alsaleh; Teena Jacop William


The Role of Allelopathy for some Plants: A Review

Pages 61-71
Hiba F. Abdulfatah; Enas Fahd Naji


Anatomical Study of Twelve Mimosoideae Species in Iraq

Pages 72-82
Marwa Shakib Alrawi; Israa Abdul razzaq Aldobaissi; Ali Fadaam Almehemdi


Response of Some Vegetative Traits and Chemical Content of Jaafari Plant to Water Stress and Foliar Spraying with Extract of Ag NPs

Pages 83-88
Bedoor Ali Khalaf; Mahmood Ali Al Shaheen


Calculation of Water Requirement for Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) Using IW: CPE Ratio

Pages 89-95
Laith farhan Lecture; Shuker Mahmood Almehemdy


Effect of Seed Inculcation, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization Levels on Germination Parameters of Mung Bean

Pages 96-109
Ahmed A Kandil; Waleed Abido; Saleh E. Seadh; Mohsen Badawy; Khaled Ramadan Ahmed