Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Normal Concrete Reinforced with Discarded Steel Fibres

Pages 1-9
Rawaa Obaid; Ahmed Tareq Noaman; Akram S Mahmoud


Determination of Some Chemicals Compounds in the water system of the Al-Ramadi teaching hospital for maternity and children

Pages 10-18
Saja Muneer Abdullah; Bashar Abdulazeez Mahmood


The effect of waste polyethylene terephthalate fibers on the properties of self-compacting concrete using Iraqi local materials

Pages 19-33
Zena Ahmed Mahmoud; Abdulkader Ismail Al-Hadithi; Muhannad Haqqi Aldosary


Behaviour of RC-Deep Beam by GFRP Rubberized Concrete

Pages 34-44
Omaima. W. Jumaa; Ahmed Tareq Noaman; Akram S Mahmoud


Properties of Sustainable Self Compacting Concrete Containing PET Waste Plastic with Various Cement Replacement Materials

Pages 45-59
Hind alaa abdulminem; Mahmoud Khashaa Mohammed


Application of Evapotranspiration Models for Al-Ramadi Irrigation Project, Al-Anbar, Iraq

Pages 60-68
mohammed ahmed waheeb; ayad Sleibi Mustafa; Jumaa Awad Al-Somaydaii


Mechanical Properties and Impact Behaviour of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Rubberized Self-Compacting Concrete

Pages 69-81
Iman M. Qadir; Ahmed Tareq Noaman


Optimizing The Number and Diameter of Piles to Enhance Foundation Resistance

Pages 82-90
Rasool kadhim mohammed Almajed; Kadhim Jawad Abdulkadhim Alabbas


Production of Sustainable Concrete from Agro-Wastes ash

Pages 91-99
Dhifaf Natiq Hamdullah

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