The Role of Digital Pathology in The Assessment of PD-L1 Expression in HER2-neu Positive Breast Cancer

Pages 127-133
Zahraa Adnan Gurjia; Ekhlas A. Ali; Mustafa S Fadhil


Hisotopathological Changes of Lung , Renal System and Liver in Covid 19 (Review of Articles)

Pages 134-145
Eman Ghanim Sheet; Zahraa Abd-Alkader Taboo; Waleed Hazim Kasim


Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphism rs1544410 (BsmI) Associated with Essential Hypertension in Iraqi Patients

Pages 146-151
Aseel R. Jabir; Bassim I Mohammed; Wisam J Mohammed; Hussein A Saheb; Ahmed M Sultan; Asma A Swadi; Sinaa Abdul Amir Kadhim


Role of Endoscopy in Diagnosis of Adult Patients with Dysphagia

Pages 152-158
Khaldoon Thanoon Al-Abachi


Comparing Troponin I Level between Preeclampsia and Normotensive Pregnant women

Pages 159-165
Shahad Shihab Ahmed; Raida Muhammed Al-Wazzan


The Role of Glutathione on Azathioprine-Induced Cytotoxicity in Rats: Histological Study

Pages 166-171
Rand Abdulateef Abdullah; Omar Riadh Hamdi; Ahmed M.A. Al- saidya


Effect of Vitamin A on the Clinical Outcome of Acute Rotavirus Diarrhea in Preschool Children

Dania Ali Faiq; Rabab A Salman; Munther N. Jasim; Bassim I. Mohammad; Ahmed M Sultan; Sinaa Abdul Amir Kadhim


Assessment of Topiramate VS Valproate Effects on Serum Lipid Profile in Young Adults with Epilepsy : A Retrospective Study

Pages 180-184
Noor Nooraldeen Alhafidh; Imad A Thanoon


Screening of Surgically Explored Undescended Testes

Pages 185-190
Raad Wadullah Khaleel; Zaid Moayad Younis Altaee; Atheer Attallah Ayyed; Ibrahim Mohammed Faisal


Recurrance Rate of Basal Cell Carcinoma After Surgical Excision: Clinical and Dermatoscopical Evaluation

Pages 191-197
Rawa Kareem Mama; Dindar Sharif Qurtas


The Effect of Educational Program on Morther's Knowledge Regarding Chiald's Weaning

Pages 198-202
Zeena Abd Alkader Tapoo; Nuha Hachim Mohammed


The Pattern and Causes of Blood Donor Deferrals in Duhok Blood Banking CenterBlood donation, donor deferral, Duhok province, North Iraq

Pages 203-208
Sawer Sabri Ahmed


Attitudes of Parents Toward Routine Children Vaccination During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 209-217
Omar Basheer Badran; Waleed Ghanim Ahmad


Evaluate the Knowledge of Nurses at Qala Hospital in Kalar, Iraq, Regarding the Prevention and Management of Pneumonia in Patients with COVID-19

Pages 218-226
karzan Mustafa Khursheed; Masood Mahmood Haji Ahmad


Montelukast: A Review of Articles on the Experimental Level

Pages 227-236
sara yassin mohammed assistant lecturer; Luma Ibrahim Khalel Al-Allaf


Rickets in Offspring Delivered to Vitamin D Deficient Mother: A Review of Literatures

Pages 237-246
Mazin Mahmoud Fawzi; Omar Farouq Fadel Alomari


What do we know about Endocannabinoid System

Pages 247-252
Nada Satea Mahmood

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