Software Agent Systems Serving the E-Commerce System a Comparative Study

Pages 1-12
Farah Tawfiq Abdul Hussien; Abdul Monem S. Rahma; Hala Bahjat Abdul Wahab


Analytical Study for Optimization Techniques to Prolong WSNs Life

Pages 13-23
Hayder I. Mutar; Muna M. Jawad


Short Survey of the Interleaver Technique in Communication System

Pages 24-36
Zeina Abdullah Humadi; Qusay Fadhel Al-Doori


Sensorless Speed Control for PMSM Based on Multi-Level SVPWM Inverter and MRAS

Pages 37-50
Ruaa S. Hassan; Farazdaq R. Yaseen


Discontinuous Speed Control of PMDC Motors with Chattering Attenuation

Pages 51-62
Bashar F. Midhat


Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Pages 63-82
Noor Abdul Khaleq Zghair; Ahmed S. Al-Araji


Enhancement of a Two Thresholds sensing system by Segmentation of Confused Regions

Pages 83-94
Bushra T. Hashim; Hadi T. Ziboon; Sinan M. Abdulsatar


Design and Implementation of Security Gatway for IoT Devices Security

Pages 95-111
Ekhlas Kadhum Hamza; Marwan Alaa Hussein


Automatic Translation From Iraqi Sign Language to Arabic Text or Speech Using CNN

Pages 112-124
Raja’a M. Mohammed; Suhad M. Kadhem


Whale Optimization Algorithm Enhances the Performance of Knee-Exoskeleton System Controlled by SMC

Pages 125-135
Zahraa Ali Waheed; Amjad Jaleel Humaidi


Object Detection Using Deep Learning Methods: A Review

Pages 136-152
Asmaa Hasan Alrubaie; Maisa'a Abid Ali Khodher; Ahmed Talib Abdulameer


A survey on Deep Learning Face Synthesis and Animation Techniques Used in Deepfake

Pages 153-159
Suha Mohammed Saleh; Abdulamir A. Karim


Design an Algorithm for dynamic Slice of SD-WAN Using VLAN

Pages 160-175
Talah Oday Alani; Ameer Mosa Al-Sadi


Recognition of Upper Limb Movements Based on Hybrid EEG and EMG Signals for Human-Robot Interaction

Pages 176-191
Huda M. Rada; Alia Karim Abdul Hassan; Ali H. Al-Timemy


A Systematic Review of Deep Dream

Pages 192-209
Lafta R. Al-Khazraji; Ayad R. Abbas; Abeer S. Jamil


Abnormal Behavior Detection in Video Surveillance Using Inception-v3 Transfer Learning Approaches

Pages 210-221
Sabah Abdulazeez Jebur; Khalid A. Hussein; Haider Kadhim Hoomod

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