A Proposed Algorithm for Hiding a Text in an Image Using QR Code

Pages 1-9
Haider Saeed Wdhayeh; Raghad Abdulaali Azeez; Athraa Jasim Mohammed


Spectral And Energy Efficiency Analysis For Beamforming Optimization Objectives For Wireless Massive MIMO Systems

Pages 10-22
Zaid Hashim Jaber; Dheyaa Jasim Kadhim; Ahmed Sabah Al-Araji


Data Analytics and Blockchain: A Review

Pages 23-34
Safa S. Abdul-Jabbar; Alaa K. Farhan; Rana F. Ghani


Architecture of Deep Learning and Its Applications

Pages 35-56
Afrah Salman Dawood; Zena Mohammed Faris


A Review: E-voting Security in Mobile Fog computing

Pages 57-68
Asmaa Ibrahim Hussieen; Abeer Tariq MaoLood; Ekhlas Khalaf Gbash


Modified Tracking Differentiator for Enhancing the Performance of Exoskeleton Knee System Based on Active Disturbance Rejection Control

Pages 69-83
Nasir Ahmed Alawad; Amjad J Humaidi; Ahmed Sabah Alarejee


Interference Effect Evaluation with Radio Over Fiber In 5G Mobile System

Pages 84-94
Khasraw A. Abdulrahman; Jalal J Hamad Ameen


Performance Evaluation of 64 x 64 c Node-B Antenna Beamforming for 5G Mobile System

Pages 95-103
Akam Hussein Hasan; Jalal J Hamad Ameen


Deep Learning Based on Attention in Semantic Segmentation: An Introductory Survey

Pages 104-114
Muna Khalaf; Ban N. Dhannoon


Comparative Between Backstepping and Adaptive Backstepping Control for Controlling Prosthetic Knee

Pages 115-131
Mayyasah Ali Salman; Saleem Khalefa Kadhim


Review on Fractal Video and Image Compression Techniques

Pages 132-142
Baydaa Sh. Z. Abood; Hanan A. R. Akkar; Amean Sh. Al-Safi


Dynamic Model Based on the Gaming Argumentation Framework (DGAF): Foreign Exchange Market as A Case of Study

Pages 143-164
Adnan T. Kareem; Hasanen S. Abdullah; Ahmed T. Sadiq


A Review of Modern and Recent Studies on the Low-Density Parity-Check Technology Approach

Pages 165-178
Noora Nazar kamal; Qusay F. Al-Doori; Omar Alani


Discontinuous Control Analysis and Design for Temperature Control of Thermal System

Pages 179-188
Bashar F. Midhat


D-GIFT: Cryptography Algorithm Development Using Dynamic DNA and A Chaos Map

Pages 189-197
Ghada K. Emad; Soukaena Hassan Hashiem