The effect of using the generative learning strategy according to the fixed exercise scheduling on learning and retention of some basic volleyball skills

Pages 1-20
Muthanna Abdul Karim Muhammad; Khaled Mohmmad Albanaa


The impact of using the strategies of cooperative integration and numbered Capitals In learning the skill of sending from below with volleyball

Pages 21-38
Refqa moayed aldbagh; Waleed Wadalla Al-Tway


The effectiveness of the composite educational pillars strategy in the artistic performance of sports performances and the development of perceptions of success among the fifth elementary students

Pages 39-54
Marthad Rajih Alobidi; Mohammad suhail Najim


The effect of the Flipped learning strategy on developing some physical attributes and acquiring some basic soccer skills for middle school students

Pages 55-83
Ahmed Qasim Sadiq; Waleed Wadalla Al-Tway


Training needs for supervisors as realized by physical education teachers and teachers in the city of Mosul

Pages 84-99
saif Mohammed Ali; EThar Alـ Mimary


Sedentary behavior and physical activity and their relationship to academic achievement

Pages 100-113
Mohammed Ethar Abd-Kareem; Nadhim shaker Al-Wattar


Organizational flexibility in the faculties of physical education and sports sciences in Iraq from the point of view of members of the college councils and Division officials

Pages 114-131
Hamed mohammed Amash; oday ghanem alkawaz


Career maturity and its relationship to career maturity among members of the administrative bodies of sports clubs in Nineveh Governorate

Pages 132-154
Osama Abdalsalam Yousef; Buthainah Hussein Oohayyid


High performance work systems provided by the sports and school activity departments to sports technical supervisors in Iraq

Pages 155-173
Mahmoud Saied Al Qaragholi; Ryadh Ahmed Al-Ashryfi


Building a special fatigue index for advanced parkour gymnasts

Pages 174-194
omar hazim; Ali Hussein Tobel


Constructing a mental wandering scale for young female basketball players in Iraq

Pages 195-218
Steven Nihad Yalda; Nagham Al-Obaidi


Passion for sports participation among distinguished high school Students

Pages 219-237
Mohamed Emad Alraho; isam mohamed Nahi


Constructing a scale of self-control for young kickboxing in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Pages 238-259
Kumar AbdulWahab AL-Mzouri; isam Nahi


Constructing a measure of the special cognitive functions of volleyball players

Pages 260-281
Tharaa’ Abd-Alazeem Ali; Nagham Khalid ALkhafaf


The effect of the high and low levels of strength characteristic of speed on the agility tests of physical education female students at the University of Mosul

Pages 282-291
Anfal Rakan Mahmod; ghayda Al_Neamy


The effect of ball retention exercises according to the tactical rondo on the complex skill performance of advanced soccer players

Pages 292-310
Rakan Abdulkader Ali; maan abdulkareem jasim


The effect of maximum strength training using weights on a number of offensive skills of female volleyball players

Pages 311-332
Marvin Saad burda; Abdul-Jabbar Abdul Razzaq Al-Hasso


The effect of resistance training using (Vasa & Elastic-Band) on the achievement level of 50-meter freestyle swimming

Pages 333-349
Maher Mahmoud Ameen; Othman adnan ALBAYATI


The Effect of the Tactical Training (Motion Offence Style) on Some of the Variables Physical, Skill, and Tactical Thinking of the Basketball Players

Pages 350-383
Aws Mohmmad Alhjar; Ayad Mohammad Abdullah Alzubaedi


The effect of two different intermittent training efforts on the maximum aerobic speed (VMA) of advanced soccer players

Pages 384-400
Mohammed Safer; Mohammed Shaker Almola


Evaluating the organizational agility of the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports from the point of view of its division directors

Pages 401-418
Khalil Ibrahim Al-Sanjari; Riyad Ahmed Al-Ashryfi


Assessment of the state of administrative and financial stability of Iraqi sports organizations From the point of view of its members

Pages 419-442
ahmad Enad; Khaled Mahmoud Aziz


Study of the relationship between some biokinematic variables and the ability of quick responsiveness and accurately to the penalty kick (6meters) by the front of the foot of the (FUTSAL) players

Pages 443-461
Zaid Ahmed Ahmed; Waleed Ghanim Thanoon


Analytical study of several kinematic variables and their relationship to the mechanical foundations of the launch of the projectile specific to the achievement at the throwing stage of the effectiveness of the discus throw

Pages 462-478
Ihsan Yonis Hamza; Nawaf Owaid Abood


An analytical Study of the Performance officiency of Iraqi Premier League volleyball Players

Pages 479-491
Ahmed Mshaan Abdul majeed; ahmed Hamed alsweede; Omar Sameer Hamoo


Comparative biomechanical analysis of the performance of the skill of the spiral strike (straight-diagonal) from balls (cutting-push) for the players of the Nineveh governorate team in table tennis

Pages 492-510
Ghanem Haithem Ghanem; Mohmed Saad Hantosh


A comparative study between the teaching and teaching administrative evaluation forms from the point of view of teaching faculties and departments of physical education and sports sciences

Pages 511-542
Alaa Faeq Omar; Ahmed Hazem Ahmed


The effectiveness of using the interactive e-book in performing some ground skills in gymnastics

Pages 543-566
Dalal Waad Salem; afrah thannoon


The Effectiveness of Schmidt & Lee's Design for The Retroactive Transfer of Technical- performance Learning Effect to Passing and Shooting Skills in handball

Pages 567-590
Moamin Mohammed Khaleel; Nawfal Fathel Rashed


Comparison of a Several of Kinematic Variables for A Frontal Set Shooting at The Moment of Releasing the Ball with And Without a Barrier in Female Basketball Players

Pages 591-603
David Amir Albanna; Muhammad Khalil Muhammad