Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Challenges and Handicaps

Pages 1-2


Barron Banding is an Effective Technique for Treating Hemorrhoids as an Outpatient

Pages 3-8
Mohammed Hasan M. Alali; Ahmed M. Najeeb AL-Sarraf


Hemodialysis Catheter-Related Infections in the Pediatric Age Group. A Single Center Study

Pages 9-15
Sarah Sami Ahmed; Azhar Ahmed Khazraji; Bushra Jalil Salih


The Immunohistochemical Expression of PDL-1 in Prostate Carcinoma and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia/ Clinico-Pathological Study

Pages 16-20
Tamarah Kadhim Mohammed; Basim Shihab Ahmed


Evaluation of Botulonium Toxin Type A in the Management of Keloid Scar

Pages 21-26
Rusul Abbas Shaheed; Zakaria Y. Arajy


A Clinico-Epidemological Study of Genital Dermatoses of Adolescent and Adult Males

Pages 27-32
Husam Ali Salman; Omar Najim Abdullah


Medications’ Adherence amongst a Sample of Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis

Pages 33-40
Omar S. Fadhil; Faiq I. Gorial


Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Physicians toward Primary Immune Deficiency in Children

Pages 41-48
Muhi K. Al-Janabi; Anwer A. Atiyah


Malignant Cutaneous Infiltration and Metastasis in Baghdad, a Prospective Study

Pages 49-56
Kawthar A. Muhammad; Hayder R. Al Hamamy; Adel R. Alsaadawi


Evaluation of Endplate Failure in Lumbar Disc Prolapse and Their Clinical Outcome Correspondence

Pages 57-65
Mazin S. Mohammed Jawad


Association between Weight Status and Multimorbidity in Women at Reproductive Age Group Attending PHCCs in Baghdad 2019

Pages 66-73
Athraa Mothana Yassin; Mohammed Asaad Al-Bayati


Reasons of Nonadherence to Treatment in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Pages 74-80
Sarah Yaseen Taha; Akram Mohammad AL-Mahdawi


Relationship between Maternal Serum Betatrophin Levels and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 81-86
Zainab Akram Mohammed Ali; Thuraya Hussamuldeen Abdullah


Hepatitis A Encephalopathy Clinical and Laboratory Study Children Welfare Teaching Hospital

Pages 87-94
Zainab Fadhil Al Khalifa; Dhiaa Hassen Al Beldawi


Chemotherapy Induced Myelosuppression after First Cycle of Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Non- Metastatic Breast Cancer

Pages 95-101
Marwa Haleem Mohammed; Adil Saywan Al Aqabi


The Correlation between Anemia and Chronic Liver Disease in Children

Pages 102-107
Mohammed Khaleel Ibrahim; Mohammad Fadhil Ibraheem


Assessment of the Nutritional Status & the Dietary Pattern of the Under 5 Years Old Children with Sickle Cell Disease in Basrah Center for Hereditary Blood Diseases

Pages 108-114
Ban Abdu Ridha Al Hashimi; Hayat Yahya Al Mousawi; Zainab Ghanim Kadhim

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