The position of the tribal leaders in the Dulaim District from the ‎British occupation

Pages 2651-2669
Maryam F. Ali; Jamal H. Ahmed Dhuwaib


Saudi-Pakistan Economic Relations 1982 - 2005 AD

Pages 2670-2698
Ali Kh. Abbas; Ahmed Saleh Khalifa


Acting Commanders of Al- Duleim Brigade 1940_1944

Pages 2699-2723
Ahmed S. Hussein; Fahmi A. Farhan


Financial Regulations in Egypt (21AH/641AD-132AH/749AD)‎

Pages 2733-2748
Heba H. Ali; Hammad F. Hammadi


The Impact of Islamic Values on the Army and its Military Discipline until the End of the Umayyad Period (Courage as a model )

Pages 2749-2770
basaam khalf amer; Wael Mohammed Saed


The scientific houses of Damascus and their jurisprudential contributions from the ‎‎sixth to the tenth centuries of migration

Pages 2771-2807
Riad salim


African organizations… Objectives and challenges towards African integration

Pages 2808-2840
mazin sahmi nassar alsaady


Mukhtasar Asaneed Ebn Eltaham Abdulrahaman ben Abe Ateeq ben Khalaf Abo El-qaseem Elsaqli Almaroof BEben Elfaham ‎Ekhtesar Abe Alqaseem Ahmed ben Ga'afar ben Ahmed Elghafeqi Alma'aroof BEbn ‎Alabzazi (D. 569 AH)‎

Pages 2841-2868
Saad Abdulkareem Aswad


Factors that paved the way for the entry of missionaries into Syria and Lebanon (1840-1860)‎

Pages 2869-2889
Munir Owaied Mohsen


The economic conditions of Maghrib in the era of Al Qadi Ayyad (476-544 AH)

Pages 2890-2918
Nazar Saleh farhan


Paradoxes and hydrological inferences for the desert valleys extending between Haditha and Al-Ramadi using remote sensing data and geographic information systems.

Pages 2919-2937
Thekryat M. Mehimid; Ahmed Flaieh Fayadh


Geographical distribution of agricultural labor in the countryside of Ramadi district

Pages 2938-2953
Hind W. Farhan; khalid Akber abdalla hmdine


Determining the spatial patterns of villages in Anbar Governorate using Geographic ‎Information Systems (GIS)‎

Pages 2954-2982
Ahmed T. Yusuf; Bilal Bardan Ali


The impact of heat waves on the economic costs of agricultural crops in ‎Anbar Governorate

Pages 2983-3006
Jamal I. Hasan ‎‏ ‏‎ ‎; Nadhir S. Hamad


The social and service effects of cement and phosphate plants in Al-Qaim district

Pages 3007-3024
shafiq Al.dlame; Subhi A. M


: A futuristic geographic vision of the value of land in the city of Hit

Pages 3025-3037
Omar A. Hamad; Amjad ALkubaisi


Scientific and cognitive motives in studying marine islands among Arab and Muslim ‎geographers

Pages 3038-3061
Mohammed S. Nouri; Kamal Abullah


Morphotectonic indicators of the area between the Al-Manei Valley Basin and Jibab Valley Basin, north of the western Anbar Plateau.

Pages 3062-3080
Shereen Shehab AlJumaily; Ameer Mohammed aldulaimi


Geographical distribution of soils in the Wadi al-Muhammadi basin of ‎Western Desert/Iraq‎

Pages 3081-3105
Noura A. Turki; Moshtaq Ahmed Gharbi; Mohammad Mussa


Motivation of Mastery Among University Students

Pages 3106-3127
Lamiaa Anwar; Abdulwahed H. Al. Kubaisi


Extremist temperament among secondary school principals

Pages 3128-3164
Amani Gh. Hamid; Safaa Hamed Turky


Cognitive failure and its relationship to some variables among university students

Pages 3165-3196
Asmaa Sh. Aboud; Safi Ammal A. Saleh


A training program based on the P5BL learning model in developing creative ‎teaching skills for male and female Arabic language teachers.‎

Pages 3197-3244
Luay J. Hammad; Sabah A. Ahmed Al Rawi


The importance of using educational aids in Arabic language in the second intermediate grade to raise the level of learners

Pages 3245-3263
Adil Saleh Mutlag; Zahraa El Cheikh


The level of technological enlightenment among mathematics teachers and its relationship to academic level and experience

Pages 3264-3304
nadia sabri alamily


Caricature art’s treatment of Iraqi political affairs in the Gulf electronic press, an ‎analytical study of the Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat ‎ and Al-Ittihad from the UAE

Pages 3305-3327
Abdullah A. Khedhr; Mohammed H.A

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