The political role of the Arabs in Rome in the second and third centuries AD: Septimius Severus and Philip the Arab as a model

Pages 1014-1035
Ahmed Hussein Al Jumaili


Primary education in the Dulaim district 1945-1958

Pages 1036-1057


The important architecture works of the sultan Abdulhameed the second 1867-1909 in Baghdad

Pages 1058-1087
Saadi Ibrahim Al. Darraji


The settlement in the Balkans in light of United Nation resolutions (September 1991- January 1995)

Pages 1088-1108
Hussein Hammad Abid


Maronite Patriarch Antoine Arida and the policy of Islamic Christian brotherhood 1935-1936

Pages 1109-1130
Sarmad Agaidi Fathi; Ghusoon Kareem Mejdab


The position of the United States of America on Türkiye's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization 1949-1952 AD

Pages 1131-1159
Ahmed M. Allaw; Zaynab L. Al Haddad; Riyadh Kh. Al Haddadi


Chad issue and the Libyan-Chadian conflict 1976-1992 within the framework of the Organization of African Unity

Pages 1160-1182
Ruweida A. Aswad; Abdulsatar J. Abid


The position of the Arab press on the second invasion of Lebanon in 1982

Pages 1183-1201
Mohannad AHmed Abid Hamza; Ali N. Mohammed


Egyptian-Israeli relations and their impact on the palestinian cause during the era of president mohaed morsi

Pages 1202-1220
omar Faisal alghnam


Printing and journalism and their intellectual impact on Lebanon 1610-1920

Pages 1221-1244
Adday Ibrahim Majeed


The position of the Jordanian press on the incident of the storming of Al. Masjid Al. Haram in 1979 (Al-Dustour newspaper as a model)

Pages 1245-1269
sajjad Abdulmunem Mustafa


Saad Umer Al-Alwan s Opinions and Situations (1947-1952)

Pages 1270-1299
Abdul Hameed Shindy Awan


The influence of scholars of the Kalb tribe on religious sciences in Andalusia

Pages 1300-1325
Taha Mekhlef Abdullah; Prof. Dr. Othman Abdul-Aziz Saleh Abdul-Aziz Al-Muhammadi


Scientific efforts of the Mawali in the interpretation of the Holy Quran

Pages 1326-1342
Ahmed Kh. Ibrahim; Qahtan A. Bakr


Free Medical Services for Physicians in Iraqi and Shami and Andalusian 300 - 750 A.H.

Pages 1342-1357
Osama Mohammed Abdulqader


Aqil bin Khaled Al-Aili, his life and efforts in the Prophet's biography

Pages 1358-1386
Tayseer Hussain Muhammad


Banu Lukais and their role in public life until the end of the Umayyad dynasty 132 AH

Pages 1387-1417
Mohammed Abbas Jasim


evaluation the reality of the central business district in the city of Fallujah and the possibility of its development

Pages 1418-1434
sebah Rekan Al Dulaimi; Abdulnaser Sabri Al Shaher


Spatial analysis of educational services (primary education) in the countryside of Habbaniyah district.

Pages 1435-1454
Jabbar Sinjar Abid; Bilal Bardan Ali


Geographical analysis of the efficiency of the distribution of cemeteries, mosques and zawiyas (takias) in the city of Ramadi

Pages 1455-1479
Huda T. Najm; Abdulrazaq M. Jabbar


Geographical distribution of household income level in Al-Anbar province 2021

Pages 1480-1506
Ayad Mohammad Makhlef Al- Adwan


The effect of the climate on tomato crop in Anbar Governorate The study in the applied climate

Pages 1507-1532
Jinan Sugar


The geopolitics of the Donbass region

Pages 1533-1548
Vian Ahmed Lawand


Noise pollution levels emanating from electric power generators and commercial areas in the city of Hit

Pages 1549-1569
Hanan Dawood Al-khalidy; Qusai Abid Hussein


The problem of soil salinity in the countryside of Habbaniya district

Pages 1570-1605
Rahma M. Ibrahim; Ismael M. Khalifa


Geographical distribution of vegetable crops grown in greenhouses by type of crop in Ramadi district

Pages 1606-1631
Firas Muslih Al-Mohammadi; Amna Jabbar Matar


The negative effects of the new gas stations of Haidaria and Najaf

Pages 1632-1653
Amna Abdulrasoul Aljubor; Salma Abdulrazzaq Al Sheblawi


The challenges of water management in Al-Muthanna Governorate and the possibilities of investing it to achieve sustainable development.

Pages 1654-1675
Ali Mohammed Reja; Nadia Q. Mohammed; Anaam M. Ayied


The concept of psychological immunity, its importance and how to develop it for women with motor disabilities in the Asir region: a qualitative study

Pages 1676-1727
Aisha Asery; Boshra Arnout


Evaluating the methods of teaching history from the point of view of middle school teachers

Pages 1728-1752
ismael Ali Hussein; Tariq A. Mashaan


The Role of the School Administration in Activating the English language laboratory in Preparatory school

Pages 1753-1779
Naji abd ibrahim alfahdawi; Rafif Al Solh


The Effect of Five E's Learning Cycle Model in Teaching English Language for EFL Preparatory School Students

Pages 1780-1809
Dunia Tahir Hameed


The Impact of the Modified Learning Cycle (7E'S) on the EFL Iraqi Students' Knowledge of English Language Grammar Concepts and Autonomous Learning

Pages 1810-1844
Sanaa Khalifah


Postgraduate Students' Grammatical Knowledge and Perspectives Toward Learning English Via "Headway Academic Skills Level 2 Student's Book"

Pages 1845-1860
Nebras Khalil Ibraheem


Measuring the level of self-transcendence among studentsof Medical Colleges

Pages 1861-1897
Shaimaa M. Barrak; Aseel S. Mohammed


The Cognitive Control and its Relationship to the Academic Self-Efficacy Among University Students

Pages 1898-1939
Omer Al Shujairi


The challenges of distance e-learning in light of the Corona crisis and beyond

Pages 1940-1962
Wasan M. Hasan; Yusra A. Turky; Ahmed S. Mohammed


Role-Play Technique and Teaching Speaking Skill

Pages 1963-1971
Zainab Al-timimi


The Degree of Containment of Controversial Issues at A Reading Book For The Fourth Preparatory Grade In Iraqi Society analytical study))

Pages 1972-1989
Saab Ahmed Hussein Ali; emad Abdulmuhsen ali

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