Strategies and methods for teaching language skills For non-Arabic speakers in light of the results of educational research

Pages 1-57


The Inference in the Grammatical Choices of Ibn Jibril Al-Manoufi (Died 939 AH) in Al-Jawhara Al-Dawiya on Al-Ajrumiyah

Pages 58-88
Ahmad Al-Sabawe


Absorption in the poetry of Sari’ al-Ghawani - an interpretive study

Pages 89-107
Saad hamad Younis; Majida Ajeel Saleh; drismael ibrahem alnaser


The cognitive tripartite and the ideology of intellectual security

Pages 108-129
khalid Essam Abolera


The Grammatical Discrepancy in the Book of “Awdhah Al-Masalak” to the Alfiyyah of Ibn Malik by Ibn Hisham Al-Ansari (D 761 AH): Declarative Styles as a Model

Pages 130-159
أبو حنیفة عمرالشریف علی عمر أبو حنیفة; Mohamed FawzyFotouh Soliman; Mohammedalhabib Omer Alshareef Ali Omer


The Counterpart Witness Related to the Original Grammar Rulings in Mughni Al-Labib by Ibn Hisham Al-Ansari (D. 761 AH) Is a Sample

Pages 160-177
Noor Abdulkareem Abdulqader Alhubity; Muhammad Thanoun Younis


Contemporary Competitions and Their Provisions in Islamic Figh

Pages 178-191
omar mohammed omar


The Construction of (Istaf'al) and Its Connotations in the Hadiths of Al- Adhkaar Book by Al-Nawawi (D. 676 AH)

Pages 192-216
حسین احمد; zainab Mohamad almalah; Laila Muhammad Ali


Biographies of the chapters in Sahih Al-Bukhari and the scholars’ attention to them

Pages 217-235
Asmaa Ali Bashear; Majed Adnan Mohammed


Shams al-Din al-Kufi's Poem in Baghdad's lament: a Stylistic Study

Pages 247-268
Othman Samer Alsaraag


The effect of the Hands-on strategy on the achievement of first-grade intermediate students in science and the development of their scientific culture .

Pages 269-296
MUSTAFA Riyadh Idrees ALftkahi; hazim azeez jardo


The effect of the place mat strategy on developing higher-order thinking among fifth-grade primary school students

Pages 297-320
ban anwer alkhiro


The Effect of a Training Program Based on Teaching Competencies in Improving the Teaching Performance of Islamic Education Students in Practical Education at the AN-Najah National University

Pages 321-343
Ruqayya Arar Arar


Artificial intelligence and its role in the development of education

Pages 344-360
Aladdin M.Ahmad Mueassar Ahmad Assist. Instructor


The Effectiveness of Interactive Teaching on the Academic Achievement and Spatial Thinking Skills Acquisition of Tenth-Grade Scientific Stream Students in Physics

Pages 361-390
Muhammad Ismail Suleiman


The Degree of Employment of Digital Leadership in Palestinian Universities from The Point of View of Academics

Pages 391-410
Rafif Marwan Taher Azgheibi


The Extent of Application of the Principles of Governance by the Governmental Schools Administration from the Viewpoint of Teachers in the Jerusalem Directorate

Pages 411-431
Eman Reyad Mustafa


The level of contribution of kindergarten directors in stimulating the educational creativity of kindergarten teachers

Pages 432-456
Leliyan Radhwan Hammo


The Modern Trends in Contemporary Geography

Pages 457-471
Heba Salem Yahya Al-Sultan


Agriculture and livestock in Yemen in the era of the Tahirid state (858_954 AH / 1454-1538 AD)

Pages 472-496
Muhammad Maysar Muhammad; Daham Khalaf Saleh al-Jubouri


The Dominant and Marginalized in Umayyad Politics and Its Impact on the Fall of the Caliphate

Pages 497-514
Abdel Sattar Ismail Abdel Rahman Al Tai


The Political Opposition in Turkey During the Era of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: The Progressive Republican Party as a Model (1924-1925)

Pages 515-538
ammar thaher


The Strategic Importance of Ukraine in the Russian Geopolitical Perspective

Pages 539-569
Barzan Khalil Hafez


Trade of plants and their manufactured materials in the Rashidun era in the Arab East

Pages 570-586
Kawthar Antar Elhayani; Nidhal Muayad Mal Allah


The Evolution of the Kurdish Issue in Iraq: 8th February 1963 - 18th November 1963

Pages 587-609
azad shaker القائیدی


The Islamic Arts Society in Iraq and its reformist and intellectual positions 1946-1949

Pages 610-639
eman abd hmaad Dabbagh


The Russian Emperor Alexander I's Control Over Paris in 1814 AD

Pages 640-659
Maher Hamed Alnoora


The Invasion of the Prophet (PBUH) of the Jews of Khaybar: Causes and Consequences

Pages 660-690
Hanaa Salem Daya


“Lebanon’s position on the Fertile Crescent Project”

Pages 691-710
رانیه محمود یونس محمود احمد


The effect of using the self-training method (multi-level) in acquiring some skills Attacking handball among second-year female students

Pages 711-731
Hero Fatih Marza; Nibras Yunus Muhammad


The Effect of Exploratory and Physical Games in Reducing Hyperactivity and Developing Some Basic Motor Skills Among Third Grade Primary School students

Pages 732-753
faieq younis faieq


Institutional excellence of the Iraqi Swimming and Water Sports Federation and its relationship to organizational health from the point of view of the sub-federations

Pages 754-771
muntaser M hantosh


The effect of a training curriculum using an innovative device in developing a number of basic skills among table tennis players

Pages 772-796
Mohammed Yakdhan Saleh


"The Relationship Between Personal Strengths and Mental Toughness and Scoring Accuracy in Football"

Pages 797-815
ملوان شيركو الجاف


The effectiveness of a proposed program for a number of psychological skills in developing the characteristic of athletic courage among eyeball players

Pages 816-832
Fatin Hamdi; oglah Suleiman Al-Houri; Waleed Khaled Al-Nama


Assessment of Indoor Air Pollution by Suspended Micro plastic in Selected Sites of Mosul city

Pages 833-851
Rihab S. Al-Hussayni; Kossay K. Al-Ahmady; Rasha Khalid Sabri mhemid


Influence of the delay time on dynamical regimes of the optoelectronics oscillator based Mach-Zehnder Modulator MZM with optoelectronic feedback

Pages 852-865
Younis Thanoon Younis; Layla Omar Babarasul


Pathogenicity of Alternaria sp. and the fungus Fusarium sp. And a statement of its toxic effects using HPLC technology

Pages 866-881
Ali Hadi Hammoud; Warqa Saeed Al-Taie


Applications of the theory of multiple intelligences in mathematics

Pages 882-904
Shaymaa Essam Almoula; Saja Othman Mohamed Tawfeeq


Groundwater quality assessment for some villages in the south of Nineveh Governorate, northern Iraq

Pages 905-917
Ahmed Shihab Al-Hamdani


The Syllable as a Phonological Unit: A Contrastive Study in English and Arabic

Pages 918-936
Arwa Luay Abdulkhaleq


Ruling on piercing the ears of girls and boys, and piercing their noses (a comparative study)

Ann Abdul Qader Muhammad

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