The impact of sociology in shaping the female narrative discourse

Pages 1-17
Faizah Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Meshhadani


The Other/The Satire in Women's Poetry in the Abbasid Era

Pages 18-35
Ali Karim Amin Al-Zamen; Montaser Abdul Qader Al-Ghazanfari


The encounter in Surat Al-Layle - a rhetorical reading -

Pages 36-52
alio shahoth rejab Altaee


The media identity of the author in the postmodern narrative. From autobiography to self-imagination

Pages 53-74
Sarah Mandel Ajaj; Bayda Hazem Saadoun


Paradise of bliss in the Holy Qur’an (objective interpretive study)

Pages 75-96
raad ibraheem alqaisy; Alaa Ibrahim Dahi


Death inevetability and confrontation in Al-sayyab's 'Al-ma'bad Al-ghariq' and 'Manzil Al-aqnan'

Pages 97-125
Fatima Sabah Mansoor; Wasan Abdulghani Al-Mukhtar


The Method of Nabila Abdel Moneim in the investigationThe Book" euyun altawarikh limuhamad bin shakir alkatbii"

Pages 126-143
خالد عبد الجبار شیت


Preparation Cognitive emotional regulation strategies Scale among students of Mosul University

Pages 144-167
Faten Younis Baktash; Sabiha Yassir Maktouf


Emotional sensitivity among students of the College of Basic Education and its relationship to some variables

Pages 168-181
Thikra Yousef Jameel


Self -Compassion And Its Relationship To Psychological Flexibility Among Female Educational Guides In Preparatory Schools

Pages 182-212
Tamar Mohammed Aziz ALmshhadani


Identifying the most important obstacles to school administration in Arab schools in the city of Jerusalem from the point of view of principals and their deputies.

Pages 213-244
Hanadi Ibrahim Totah


The reality of organizational justice in Palestinian public schools in Jerusalem governorate from the point of view of teachers and school principals

Pages 245-271
Souad Abdel-Al Abdel-Al


The political Military and Administrative Situation in Iraq during the The Two princes Bajkam and Shirzad(325 – 334A.H) (936 – 945A.D).

Pages 272-294
Firas Talal Ghazal Yahya Al-Sharifi


The foreign policy of Sultan Abdul Hamid I (1774-1789)

Pages 295-320
Emad Abdulazeez Youssf


Climate and its relationship to livestock breeding in Kirkuk governorate

Pages 321-341
Abdul-Ghani Abdullah Hassan Muhammad


Spatial modeling of the natural factors affecting the production of agricultural crops in Al-Hamdaniya district

Pages 342-378
bashar farooq abdulkareem yousefane


The United States of America and the Vietnam War 1954-1975 (Vision on the motivations and consequences of the Vietnam War)

Pages 379-407
Tariq Ahmed Shekho; Fawzia Abdullah Saeed


The role of the Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS In settling the conflict, the Ivory Coast is a model

Pages 408-431
Ragheed Hetham muneeb


the nature of the Abbasid army in the late period A Historical study

Pages 432-448
.Najla Sufyan Ahmad


Goltz Pasha and his military role in the Ottoman Empire 1883-1916 AD

Pages 449-463
Hasan sadeq i brahim Sadeq Shamsi


The effect of using offensive exercises on the complex skillful performance and tactical thinking of young soccer players

Pages 464-490
Hussein Ahmed Al Bayati


The effect of complex exercises in some physical qualities and basic skills of young football players of the halls

Pages 491-515
dildar ameen


Building and applying the scale of future anxiety among students of the Department of Physical Education and Science in the College of Basic Education for some Iraqi universities

Pages 516-541
Nawaf Hussein Faraj Ali; Manhal Khattab Sultan


Building and rationing compound tests (physical - skill) to measure the strength of the muscles of the arms in free swimming for advanced players with speed

Pages 542-560
احمد موید العنزی; مكي محمود حسين


تأثير المنصات التعليمية على استيعاب محاضرات التربية الكشفية The Impact Of Educational Platforms On Absorbing Scout Education Lectures

Pages 561-578
نبال كريم عبد الله


Evaluating the institutional excellence of the central sports federations and the excellent clubs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq from the point of view of the members of its administrative bodies

Pages 579-601
Haneen Salah Salem; Thabet Ihsan Ahmed


A study of the elderly who exercise and do not exercise in a number of physical, functional and physical variables and lower back pain

Pages 602-623
ahmed ramadan Sabe


The effectiveness of an educational program according to the modeling strategy in acquiring the skillful achievement of a number of handball skills among students of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Pages 624-637
Raed Abdul Sattar Younes


Application on Extractive desulfurization using substituted pyrimidine ionic salt and its some transition metals complex salts

Pages 638-651
Sariya W Zaidan; Anwer M Ameen; Assim Adil Sabah


Biased estimators in beta regression model in the presence of Multicollinearity

Pages 652-665
Ghada Yousef


Fuzzy linear regression analysis of (19-COVID) infection rate and laboratory testing based on Statistical relationships

Pages 666-675
zeiad yahya ali yahya alawee; Marwan Jameel; Aiad younis mohawmed


A Dyadic Model for Analyzing Humorous Advertisements with Reference to Translation

Pages 676-704
Ziyad Fadhil Rasheed


A Pragmatic Study of English Caricatures

Pages 705-735
Fatima Adel Abdullah; Mazin Fawzi Ahmed


A Socio-pragmatic Study of Terms of Endearment in Arabic

Pages 736-758
Ramadan Jawad


The Pragmatic Approach In The Arabic Heritage

Pages 759-775
Mohammed Jasim Alnajjar

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