The effect of potassium fertilizer and planting dates on growth, yield, and quality of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).

Pages 1-10
Fadhil H. Mukhlif; Abed ul _ lateef M. A. alkaisy; Dina Th. Hammody; Mohammed O Mousa; Suad Sh. Shahatha


The role of water in sustainable agricultural development in Iraq (Review)

Pages 11-16
Ali S. Shukr


The Requirements of Chickens for Nutritional Compounds for Growth, An advanced Nutritional outlook

Pages 17-33
Qana H. Ameen; Mohammed A. Mohammed; Samira H. Ameen; Sarmad A. Alsaadi


Heterosis, Correlations and Path Analysis of Grain Yield Components in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Pages 34-46
Tariq R. Th. Al-Mafarji; Jasim M. A. AL-Jubouri


Biofertilizers, types, Benefits and their role in improving the growth of fruit trees and vegetative plants (Review)

Pages 47-56
Salah H. J. Al-Hchami; yasamen F. Salloom


Improving Steviol Glycosides Production in Stevia Rebaudian Bertoni by Plant Tissue Culture Technology"

Pages 57-67
Suhad A. Mahdi; Noora J. Alsaedi


Problems Facing Potato Farmers in the Field of Production and Marketing in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Pages 68-74
Chawan M. Hama Salih; Tahir M. Layeeq


Impact of Adding Chitosan and Probiotic to Broiler Dietary on carcass traits

Pages 75-81
Ahmed O. Hasan; Qana H. Ameen; Nidal A. Ghani


Improving the productive performance of broiler chickens fed on diets containing the mixture "Toxbond Forte"

Pages 82-87
Abeer S. Jassim; Mohammed S. BahaAldeen; Nidhal A. Mustafa


Medicinal importance of Atropa belladonna plant (tropane alkaloids) (Review)

Pages 88-97
Noora J. J. Alsaedi; Lamiaa Kh. Jawad; Suhad A. Mahdi


Response Two Strawberry Cultivars (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) for foliar Application of Algae and Iron chelate Fertilizers

Pages 98-112
Kharman S. Azeez; Shlier M. Taha


The effect of partial or total substitution of raw or roasted domestic sesame seeds in laying hens on the qualitative qualities of eggs

Pages 113-122
Ali H. Al-Qaisi; Qana H. Ameen


A comparative Study of the Productive Traits of Drinking Thermally Stressed Awassi Ewes with Tap and Well Water before and after their magnetic treatment

Pages 123-129
Dalal A. T. Al-Mafarji; Sarmad A. A. Alsaadi


The Impact of Organic Fertilizers and Growth stimulators on Leaf Chemical Composition of Pomegranate Seedlings (Selimi Cultivar)

Pages 130-140
Suha A. Hades; Ehsan F. Saleh


Genetic and non-genetic factors affecting the body weight of the Kurdish local chicken

Pages 141-149
Mevan I. Baper


Response of some maize genotypes traits (Zea mays L.) to Nano NPK fertilizer

Pages 150-159
Saeed E. Hussien; Khalid K. Ahmed


Effect of encapsulated organic acid (GALLINAT +) supplementation with diet on physiological parameters and performance of broiler at different ages.

Pages 160-169
Banaz K. Ahmed; Atoof A. Aziz


Effect of adding lycopene and vitamin C to the diets on the productive performance of broiler chickens raised under heat stress

Pages 170-175
Rosul J. Muhammed; Ammar Q. Shanoon; Nidal A. Mustafa


A comparative study on the effect of the, local hawthorn leaf powder, with the mixture of liquid enhancers (Garlimmune) on the physiological characteristics of the blood of broiler chickens

Pages 176-181
Kahlan A. Abed; Mohammed I. Al-Neemi; Nidal i A. Mustafa


Heritability and Genetic Correlation Between Productive and Biochemical Traits of White Japanese Quail

Pages 182-189
Ismail Y. AL-Hadeedy; Ayhan K. Mohammed; Samwal S. AL-Tikriti


Effect of propagation dates, media and auxins treatments on rooting of Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) semi-hard wood cuttings

Pages 190-200
Yousif A. Abdulraahman; Mohamad Z. Ayoub


Effect of die length, moisture content and particle size on some mechanical and physical properties of poultry feed pellets

Pages 201-211
Ahmed S. Farhan; Affan O. Hussein


Evaluation Effect of Inoculum Prepared from Local Bacterial Isolates of Rhizobium and Nitrogen Fertilization on some Growth Traits of Mung Bean Plant in Gypsiferous Soil

Pages 212-226
Marwan A. Shihab; Abdul Kareem E. Alkurtany


The effects of different levels of postbiotic and phytobiotic combination as feed additives on carcass, lipid profile, meat quality, and tibia bone in broiler chickens

Pages 227-241
Jamil M. M. Doski; karwan K. Yaseen


Comparison between Simbio, Organic and Chemical Fertilizers on the Yield and quantitate traits of Wheat Triticum aestivum L. on Nutrient Balance

Pages 242-250
Alan Hawez H. Sulaiman; Alwand Tahir Tahir Dizayee


Effect of Humic acid and potassium sulfate spraying on growth and yield of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)

Pages 251-256
Aram Shahab Ahmed; Ako Ghazi Sattar; Hussein Khalil Hussein; Dlshad Namiq Khurshed


Performance, Selection indices for six cotton genotypes to yield and some Components

Pages 257-268
Mahasty Mlko Sarteb; Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed


Performance of grafting loquats combined onto loquat and quince rootstocks on different dates

Pages 269-279
Rasul R. Aziz; Fakhraddin M. Hama-Salih; Ibrahim M. Noori


The effect of adding weights and the forward speed of the agricultural tractor on some mechanical properties using the moldboard plow

Pages 280-286
Thanoon Y. Hussein; Saad A. Alrijabo


Effect of Added Weights on Tractor Rear Tires and Soil Moisture Content on Some Indicators of Mechanical Unit Performance During Moldboard Plowing

Pages 287-295
Thanoon Y. Hussein; Saad A. Alrijabo


Morphological and Molecular Identification of Adoretus hirsutus (Ohaus, 1914) (Coleoptera:Scarabaeidae:Rutelinae) from Erbil Governorate Kurdistan Region- Iraq

Pages 296-305
Gona S. Sharif; Abbas M. Farage; nabeel abdulakadir mawlood


Analysis of value chains and added value for the production and marketing of the tomato crop in Salah al-Din Governorate for the year 2021 (Al-Ishaqi - a model)

Pages 306-316
Faisal H. Saud; Firas I. arahim


Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Rainfall and Evapotranspiration in Erbil Plain and the Peripheral Areas

Pages 317-334
khalis J. Hamad rashid; Tariq H. Karim


Evaluation of Runoff Farming at Two Different Rainfall Zones of the Semiarid Climate of Erbil Province

Pages 335-350
Nasih H. Azeez; Tariq H. Karim


Effect of Cutting Dates on Forage Yield of Three Vicia Varieties (Vicia Spp.) in Sulaimani Governorate.

Pages 351-359
Tara O. Mohammed; Jwan G. Rafaat; Ako H. Mahmood


An Econometric Analysis of the Factors Affecting Sustainable Agricultural Development in Iraq for the period (1990-2020)

Pages 360-374
Liyth I. Kh. Abdulah; Bassim F. Latif


Estimation and Analysis of the Agricultural Investment Model in Iraq (1990-2020) using the Autoregressive Distributed Lag Methodology

Pages 375-389
Liyth I. Kh. Abdulah; Bassim F. Latif


The Effect of Spraying with the Foliar Nutrient NPK MILLER on the Mineral and Chemical Content of Two Varieties of Young Grape Seedlings Shatur Al-anz and Olivette Noire (Vitis vinifera L)

Pages 390-398
Idris H. Al-Salame; Mahmoud F. L. Al Douri


An analytical study of the climatic elements in Bazian region - Sulaymaniyah for the period from 1985 - 2022 and its impact on the planting dates of some crops

Pages 399-412
Akram M. Abdulrahman


Taxonomic study of pollen grains for five species of Fabaceae Family

Pages 413-427
Naznaz N. Bapir; Ali M. Galalaey

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