The level of environmental knowledge among farmers during farming practice in the Sharazur Plain - Sulaimani Governorate

Pages 1-16
Naxshawan Z. S. Shexani; Tahir M. Layeeq


Extension knowledge needs of farmers in the field of extensional recommendations for the use of agricultural pesticides in sharbazher district - Sulaymaniyah Governorate

Pages 17-27
Mohammed O. M. Sakina


The knowledge level of agricultural employees in the field of sustainable agricultural development in Tikrit district / Salah Al-Din governorate

Pages 28-40
Haitham A. K. Al-Jubouri; Mahmoud H. J. Al-Jumaili


Effect of spraying with the extract of the local anemone coronaria flowers and isoflurane in reducing the economic losses caused by stress of transporting broiler

Pages 41-52
Mohammed S. Al Tamimi; ammar Q. Shanoun; Mohsin O. Mohammed


Spraying with local anemone coronaria flower extract and isoflurane and its effect on the physiological characteristics of broiler chickens transported during different seasons

Pages 53-72
Mohammed S. Al Tamimi; ammar Q. Shanoun; Mohsin O. Mohammed


Estimation of genetic parameters for egg production traits in Japanese quail that selected for immune responses and fed different level of dietary L-arginine

Pages 73-81
Ahmed S. Shaker; Ayhan K. Mohammed; Waleed M. Razuki


Estimation of Heterosis of Flax (Linum Usitatissimum L.) by in half diallel cross

Pages 82-97
Saya F. Hamid; Jasim M. Aziz


Determine the effect of some environmental factors on the values of carbohydrates, proteins, total phenols and total alkaloids in Eucalyptus camaldulensis Kirkuk-Iraq.

Pages 98-105
Rusul N. Abdullah; Rushdi S. Abdulqader


Effect of sowing date and abscisic acid on sunflower growth, seed yield and germination

Pages 106-116
Mudhir I. Hwaidi


The effectiveness of adding apple cider vinegar and garlic to chicken meat kebabs as an antimicrobial and its role in improving its sensory and physiochemical properties

Pages 117-130
Yasmeen I. Al-Hadidy; Saad D. Oleiwi; Anwer A. Khalaf; Hind M. Saleh


Some Heavy Metals Status and Water quality parameters of Darbandikhan Dam, Sirwan and Tanjaro

Pages 131-150
Daban Ali; Nasreen Abdulrahman; Bayan Rahim


Effect of Nano fertilizers and amino acid of tryptophan on some physiological characteristics of saffron plant Crocus sativus L.

Pages 151-165
Lina S. Abdul Majeed; Kefaia G. Saeed; Mohsin O. Mohammed


Survey and Classification of Termite Species of Family Termitidae and their Locations in Nineveh Governorate

Pages 166-174
Wadhah A. Al-jebory; Nabil M. AL-Mallah


Studying the Seasonal Activity of Termites Microcerotermes diversus Silv. using Bait Stations in Nineveh Governorate

Pages 175-183
Wadhah A. Al-jebory; Nabil M. AL-Mallah


The effects of petroleum wastes in water and local environment in Melut and Maban Counties - Upper Nile State- South Sudan

Pages 184-195
Ajak O. P. Ajak; Ahmed E. Abdalla; Mutasim A. M. Elagab


Polymorphism of the GnRH1 gene and Its effect on some Physiological parameters of Local chickens

Pages 196-206
Milad A. Badi; Asaad Y. Ayied; Khalid C. Al-Salhie


Response of several genotypes of bread wheat Triticum aestivum L. to levels of silica fertilizer

Pages 207-217
Sazan N. M. Faraj; Khalid K. A. Aljubouri


The role of the agricultural extension in educating farmers about the legislation on protecting the environment from pollution with chemical pesticides

Pages 218-229
Mithal S. Abdul Latif; Ahmed T. H. Al-Salhi; Yahya R. Kata; Mutasim M. Muhammad

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