The aim of the revelation of some surahs in the Qur’an that begin with separate letters and their relation to the general purposes of the revelation of the Qur’an

Pages 1894-1955
DR. Abdalrahman yateem alfadhli -


Sayings of Ibn Zaid (d. 182 AH) in a book altawdih lisharh aljamie alsahih By Ibn al-Mulqin (d. 804 AH) From Surat Al-Mujadila to Surat Al-Falaq/ Collect, study and balance.

Pages 1956-2013
Moza Sa’id Abdullah Sallwma Al-Kutubi -; Mahdi Kais Aljanabi -


The Scientific Foundation of the First Stage of Prophetic Revelation & Its Da’wah Bases.

Pages 2014-2053
Dr. Mahmud Batal Muhamed Ahmad -


Axes of the contribution of contemporary advocacy discourse to civilizational development

Pages 2054-2082
Dr. Mahmud Batal Muhamed Ahmad -


The characteristics of the Māturīdī theology in the late Textbooks "mutūn": al-Taftazānī (792H.a) and al-Kamāl Ibn al-Humām(861H. ) s an example

Pages 2083-2120
Prof. Dr. Hasan Alkhattaf -


The Distinctive Principles of the Shafi'i School from the Rest of the Schools in Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence.

Pages 2121-2159
Arif Mohammed Al-Janahi -


Suckling adult ،Between narrating and origin

Pages 2160-2207
Marwan Oudah Jumaah Saud -


Hadiths in which Isaac Ibn Rahawayh (D 238 AH) disagreed with other narrators Critical study

Pages 2208-2254
Dr. Abdul Jabbar Abdul Sattar Rokan -


The Quranic Methodology in Managing and Controlling the sexual instinct . (show and study)

Pages 2255-2301
Dr. Qahtan Faisal Abed -


The ability in the actions of the worshippers according to Sufism through the book Al-Ta'araf for Al-Kalabadhi- comparative study

Pages 2302-2330
Haifa Majeed obeid Al-Salmani -; Dr. Ayser Faeq Jihad Al-Hasani Al-Alusi -


Examples of saying approved by the Malikis in the Book of Marriage A comparative jurisprudence study

Pages 2331-2372
Faiq Mousa Ibrahim -; Prof. Dr. Ahmad Ubaid Jassem -


The psgchological semanticsfor um musa with the infant topicality study of surat al qasas.

Pages 2373-2405
Abo Baker Waheed Jasim Mohammed -; Prof. Dr.Abdulqader Abdulhamed Abdullatif -


The manifestation of hidden truths from the clear sea Imam Khair al-Din al-Ramli al-Hanafi )( D: 1081 AH ) Chapter of the judiciary study and investigation

Pages 2406-2444
Marwan Adnan Nawaf Al-Dulaimi -; Prof. Dr. Akram Ubaid Fraih -


The exegetical narratives of Imam Muhammad bin Nasr Al-Marwazi (d. 294 AH) in the first part of Surat Al-Baqara from his book Exalting the Destiny of Prayer in collection and study.

Pages 2445-2486
Asmaa Alaa Omar -; Dr. Ahmed Qasim Abdul Rahman -


Narratives of Ismail bin Abd al-Rahman al-Suddi al-Kabir in the Nine Books - Analytical Study

Pages 2596-2638
Marwan Suri Abdel Karim Allawi -; D.Mazen Mazher Ibrahim -


Examples of the choices of Imam “Ibn Al-Attar Al-Shafi’i” regarding the rulings on purity from his book “Al-Iddah fi Sharh Al-Umdah fi Hadith Al-Ahkam” A comparative jurisprudential study

Pages 2487-2531
Majid Hadi Talal -; Prof. Dr. Khairy Shaker Mahmoud Al-Fahdawi -


Reasons for knowledge according to Imam Jalal Al-Din Al-Khabazi (T: 691 AH) in his book Al-Hadi fi Usul Al-Din

Pages 2532-2569
Fawzi Daoud Suleiman -; D. Furat Samir Farag -


Mechanisms to improve job performance In the Islamic perspective

Pages 2570-2595
Waleed awad hamd dhiab -; Prof. Dr.Taklif latif rizaj -