The Preference Rules Between Conflicting Reconciled By "Ibndakik Aleid" In His Book: [Ihkam Al Ahkam]

Pages 1205-1302


Hadiths from Al-Jami Al-Saghir by Al-Hafiz Al-Suyuti (d.: 911 AH) within the fourth hundred. Ahmed Ibn Al-Siddiq Al-Ghamari (d.: 1380 AH) judged them to be fabricated in his book Al-Mughayer, a critical hadith study

Pages 1303-1354
Maryam Hussein Mohammed Al-Marzouqi -; Prof. Dr. ABDULSAME MOHAMMED ALANIS -


The guidance of Ibn Attiah(died 541 AH) of the repetition of Homophone in the Holy Qur'an, through his interpretation –Surah Alsharh, At-takathur and Alkafirun: A model

Pages 1355-1394
Marwa Hamad Eid -; Prof. Dr. Firas Yahya Abdul Jalil -


The Phenomenon Of The Whiteness Of The Day And The Darkness Of The Night And Its Impact On The Constipation Of The Fasting Person (In Light Of Islamic Jurisprudence And Astronomy)

Pages 1395-1448
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Abdel-Razzaq -; Prof. Dr.majid mahmud jarad -


Imam al-Shafi’i’s jurisprudential opinions on selected issues from the provisions of purity and the extent of their conformity with the principles of his doctrine

Pages 1449-1492
Saja Mohamed Abdel Ghafour -; Assist. Prof .Dr. Qaiser Hamad Abd -


Examples of the hadiths of Abbas Al-Douri on the authority of his sheikh Yahya bin Maeen in the history book (study and graduation)

Pages 1493-1536
Mohammad Zahd Muhesin -; Prof. Dr. Abdualsattar Ibrahim saleh -


Imam Abu Mansur al-Maturidi's jurisprudential opinions on the rulings of Hajj through his book Interpretations of the Sunnis

Pages 1537-1575
Riad Diab Zobaa -; Prof. Dr. Ahmad Ubaid Jassem -


The Difference between Ibn Masoud and Ibn Abbas - may Allah be pleased with them – in tafsir Surat Al-Anfal،(a comparative study)

Pages 1576-1610
Saif Yunus Ahmed -; Asst. Prof. Dr. Fadel Muhammad Kambou -


Sayings of the Follower Ismail bin Abi Khalid (died in 146 AH ( in the Interpretation of Surahs :Sad and Al-Qiyamah "collection and study"

Pages 1611-1639
Abeer Jassim Mohammed -; Prof. Dr. Abdullah Karim Aliwi -


The Modernists of Al-Anbar and their Efforts in Serving the Sunnah of the Prophet in the Third Century AH (Selected Models)

Pages 1640-1670
Hamza Zuhair Raouf Hamza -; Prof. Dr. Idris Askar Hassan -


Hadith “Love the poor and do sit with them” An objective study Sharjah Charity International model Applied

Pages 1671-1709
Amna Mohammed khamis Humaid Alshamsi -; Assist. Prof. Dr . Fatima Al Zahraa Aouati -


The inferences of Imam Mankubars Al-Nasiri (652 AH ) on theological issues in his explanation of the Brilliant Light and the Shining Proof

Pages 1710-1753
Maryam Mahmoud Abdullah Fayez -; Assist. Prof. Dr. Firas Fadel Farhan Al-Mohammadi -


(Comments AL-Koranee (893 H) in his Explication Ghayatul-Amanee، on Al- Baidhawi، Surat Al-Baqara as a paradigm)

Pages 1754-1782
Adel Muhammad Salih Khalaf Al-Fahdawi -; Prof. Dr. Qais Jalil Karim -


(The theological approach of Imam al-Kumi (D.: 916 AH) a preliminary issue for his book - Tahrir Al-Matalib)

Pages 1783-1815
Bilal Mahmood Hussein -; Proff Dr. MOHAMMED SALMAN DAWOOD -


Narratives of Dawud bin Abi Hind on Hajj in the Six Books - Analytical Study

Pages 1816-1854
Muhammad Sadiq Odeh Hussain -; Dr. Thamer Abdullah Dawood -


Examples of the Taabi’een narrators whom Ibn Hazm called in his local book the word “failed” and it is likely that they are truthful، collected and studied.

Pages 1855-1893
Saad Qaher Alwan -; Asst. Prof. Dr. Shoaib Hilal Jassim -

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