The Effect of High-Rise Buildings Design Variables on the Speed of Fire Spread: A Review

Pages 1-17
Raya Haqqi Ismail; Omar H. Kharufa


The Optimum Design of RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Materials: A Review

Pages 18-32
Baraa J. AL-Eliwi; Noor Mohammed Sheet; Rabi Muyad Najem; Walid M. Hasan


Soil Reinforcement with Synthetic Fibers and Plastic Waste Materials: A Review

Pages 33-47
Abdulrahman Hani Aldaood; Farah Z. Mishaal


Durability and Rutting Resistance of SBS-Modified Asphalt Mixtures Containing Blowdown as a Sustainable Filler

Pages 48-57
Mohammed A. Al-Mohammed; A. I. Al-Hadidy


Distribution Power System Protected by Petersen Coil: Detection of Single Line to Ground Fault Using Deep Learning

Pages 58-66
Qusay Muayad Mohammed; Abdulghani Abdulrazaq Al-Taei


Solid State Devices Used in Combining Coding and Phase Modulation

Pages 67-74
Ziad Saeed Mohammed


Detection and Diagnosis of Inter-Turn Short Circuit Faults of PMSM for Electric Vehicles Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

Pages 75-85
Mohamad Omar Mahfooth; Omar Muwafaq Mahmood


A Comparative Study of FFT Based Frequency Estimation Using Different Interpolation Techniques

Pages 86-93
Gamze Cabadağ; Ömer Karal


Improving the Switched Reluctance Motor Performance in Electric Vehicles Based on Changing the Parameters of the Geometry- A Review

Pages 94-112
Saif Kh. Al-Farhan; Omar Sharaf Al-Deen Yehya


Mathematical Modelling and PID Controller Implementation to Control Linear and Nonlinear Quarter Car Active Suspension

Pages 113-121
Mustafa Ibrahim Najm; Alaa Dahham Younis; Firas Ahmed Majeed


Effect of Taper Forms on the Dynamic Response of A Rectangular Cross Section Cantilever Beam

Pages 122-130
Tariq Khalid Abdulrazzaq


Performance Investigation of a Ground-Coupled Warehouse Cooling System with an Underground Thermal Energy Storage Tank.

Pages 131-144
Hatem Hasan Ismaeel; Hawraz Omed M.


A Solid Particle Erosion of Composite Materials: Review Paper

Pages 145-151
Abdul-jabbar Al-Baggoua; Abdulhaqq A. Hamid


Trends Analysis of Long-Term Meteorological Data

Pages 152-162
Ayman Talib Hamid


Prediction of Daily Flow to the Great Zab River Using Artificial Neural Network Models

Pages 163-172
Ryam Younus Ahmad; Abdel Wahab Mohammad Younes


A Study of the Homogeneity of Climatic Data for Rain, Temperature and Humidity for Nineveh Governorate

Pages 173-185
Hasan Jamal Al-Bazaz; Omar M. A.


The Effect of Screen Walls’ Properties on Scour Downstream Sluice Gate

Pages 186-198
Ghufran Faris Al-Rahhawi; Ghania A. A. Hayawi


The Effect of the Piles Cap Elevation on Local Scour around Complex Bridge Piers

Pages 199-208
Israa Hashim Salih; Nashwan K. Alomari


Application of the Method of Characteristics with Unsteady Friction Model for Numerical Modeling of Transient Flow Induced by Valve Closure

Pages 209-225
Zakariya Zainel Mohsin; Zeyad Ayoob Sulaiman


An In-depth Comparative Study of Different ABET Accredited Computer Engineering Programs Using Self Assessment Reports

Pages 226-236
Qutaiba Ibrahim Ali


Evaluation of Physiotherapy Exercise by Motion Capturing Based on Artificial Intelligence: A Review

Pages 237-251
Nawal Y. Abdullah; Sa’ad Ahmed Al-Kazzaz


Arabic/English Handwritten Digits Recognition using MLPs, CNN, RF, and CNN-RF

Pages 252-260
M. F. Ghanim; Amena Mohammed; Aduwati Sali


Enhancing Drivers’ Attention By A Smart Binary Matching Machine to Avoid Accidents

Pages 261-283
Orjuwan Mohammed Abduljawad


FPGA-SoC Based Object Tracking Algorithms: A Literature Review

Pages 284-295
Marwan Abdulkhaleq Al-yoonus; Saad Ahmed Al-Kazzaz


Studying the Global Climate Changes using Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Pages 296-309
Bashar Muneer Yahya


Assessment of Microplastic Particles in Tap Water on The Right Side of Mosul City, Iraq

Pages 310-321
Rasha Khalid Sabri; Mhmood Hameed Sultan; Kossay K. Al-Ahmady

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