Consistency Relationship between Fractal Geometry and Adaptation as a Principle for Achieving Sustainable Architectural Design

Pages 1-13
Firas Hamdy Alsaffar; Khalid J. Aldeen Ismail; Shishin Mikhail Yurievich


Off-Grid Photovoltaic System for a Villa at AVRO City in Duhok

Pages 14-23
Beren Sardar Abdullah; Siddeeq Y. Ameen


Interactive Reconstruction of Damaged Historic Landmarks – Al-Qattanin Mosque in Mosul Old City as a Case Study

Pages 24-35
Raghad Akram Abdulrahman; Emad Hani Al-Allaf


Integrative Conservation for the Reconstruction of the Historic Urban ‎Fabric: The Riverfront of Mosul Old City as a Case Study

Pages 36-48
Ammar Abdullah Hamad; Emad Hani Ismaeel


The Effect of the Mechanisms of Directing the Recipient to Perceive Uniqueness on the Production of Unique Forms in the Urban Context -Mosul as a Case Study-

Pages 49-63
Shahad Nathim Sheet Rasool; Momtaz Hazim AL Dewachi


A Comparison of Assessment Systems for Sustainable Transport in the Urban Fabric: Standards and Requirements

Pages 64-73
Mahmood Khalid Al-A’abachi; Emad Hani AlAlaf


Is Mosul University Campus Comfortable for Walking?

Pages 74-88
Rawia Marwan Dabdoob


Using the Analytic Hierarchical Process in Determining the Relative Importance of some Spatial Criteria to Locate Railway Track

Pages 89-98
Aseel Ibrahim Matti; Ayman A. Abdulmawjoud


Reliability of Nondestructive Tests on Damage Assessment of Mosul Museum Building after Liberation Events

Pages 99-108
Saddam M. Ahmed


Laboratory Investigation on Rheological Characteristics of Asphalt Mastic with Waste Powder Materials from Mosic Tiles as Sustainable Filler

Pages 109-115
Abdulrhem Ibrahem Al-Hadidy; Mohammed Ghanim Jamel; Tan Yi-qiu; Dong Zejiao; Wang Jia-ni


Improving the Efficiency of a Standard Distribution System Using the Correcting Power Factor Method

Pages 116-124
Muhammad A. Muhammad; Wael H. Hamdon


Mitigation of Total Harmonic Distortion and Power Factor Improvement Based PVSTATCOM

Pages 125-132
Ammar A. A. AL-Ani; Majid S. M. Al-Hafidh


Effect of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on the Performance of Distance Relay

Pages 133-144
Wisam M. Najem; Omar Sharaf Al-Deen Al-Yozbaky; Shaker Mahmood Khudher


A Review of Miniaturized Advanced IC Rectenna for Energy Harvesting Applications

Pages 145-164
Shamil H. Hussein; Khalid K. Mohammed


Using Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Battery Energy Storage Systems, and Underfrequency Load-Shedding to Improve the Frequency Stability of Power Systems

Pages 165-172
Suhib Fekry Hamid; Ahmed Nasser B. Alsammak; Khalid Tourkey Atta


A Comparative Study of Total Harmonic Distortion betweenTwo Topologies 27- and 31 Multi Level Inverter

Pages 173-180
Muna Hassan Husien; Mohammed Ali A. Alrawe


A Review on Power System Voltage Stability with Limitation of an On Load Tap Changing Transformer

Pages 181-192
Sinan M. Alkahdely; Ahmed Nasser B. Alsammak


The Effect of Reactive Power Capability of the Inverter on a Hybrid Power System

Pages 193-206
Raghad Adeeb Othman; Omar Sharaf Al-Deen Al-Yozbaky


A Review on D-STATCOM for Power Quality Enhancement

Pages 207-218
Ahmed Samir Alhattab; Ahmed Nasser B. Alsammak; Hasan A. Mohammed


The Impact of the Power Transformer Connections on the Flow of Zero Sequence Current

Pages 219-229
Mohammad Ahmed Ali Al juboori; Mohammed Ali A. Alrawe; Yousif Mohammed Younus


The Influence of Temporal Logic on Finite Automata

Pages 230-238
Bilal Abdullateef Kareem; Ahmad Senjari


The Effect of the Cooling Water Loop on the Exergy Destruction Components of Split Air Conditioning Systems

Pages 239-248
Diyar Abdullah Ahmed; Omar Mohammad Ali


Investigation of Thermal Performance of Integrated Phase Change Materials in Building Structure

Pages 249-255
Shwan O. Salih; Rizgar Bakr Weli; Abdulkader Ali Abdulkader


The Experimental Investigation of Double -Pass Solar Air Heater with V-Corrugated Plate, Phase -Change Material and Baffles Under Recycling Operation

Pages 256-271
Omar Mohammad Hamdoon; Ibrahim Ababakr Ali


An Experimental Comparison Between Fixed and Single-Axis Tracking Photovoltaic Solar Panel Performance: Zakho City as Case Study

Pages 272-279
Veen Sagvan Qader; Omar Mohammed Ali; Nawfal Idrees Hasan


The Experimental Impact of Convective Heat Transfer Improvement from Numerous Perforated Shape Fin Array

Pages 280-292
Noori Raad Noori; Arkan Fawzi Saeed


Heat Transfer Analysis of the Melting Process on Finned Tubes (A Review on performance enhancement)

Pages 293-299
Noor Jamal Younis; Omar Mohammad Hamdoon; Ziad Mohammed Majeed; Mohamad Kharseh


A Review of Issues and Challenges to Address the Problem of Implementing Green Computing for Sustainability

Pages 300-311
Turkan Ahmed Khaleel; Jumana Abdullah kareem


Securing Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT)- A Reviewof Challenges and Solutions

Pages 312-320
Mohammed Basil Mahmood; Jassim Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar


A Computer Simulation of a Modified Oldham Coupling

Pages 321-328
Ahmad Wadollah Al-Sabawi


An Efficient Security Model for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) System Based on Machine Learning Principles

Pages 329-340
Sahar L. Qaddoori; Qutaiba Ibrahim Ali


A Review on Fog Computing: Research Challenges and Future Directions

Pages 341-350
Omar Anwer Nafea Alani; Turkan Ahmed Khaleel; Othman H. Al-Abdulqader

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