Effect of using green tea (Camellia Sinensis) in the production performance and microbial content in the intestines of quail bird under high temperature

Pages 1-10
A. M. Y. Al-hamed; A M. th. Al-neimy


Effect of adding humic acid and spraying with seaweed extracts on some mineral content traits of leaves and seeds in two pea (pisum sativum l. ) cultivars

Pages 11-22
M . S. Sulieman; A. I. AL-hubaity


Effect of packaging method and storage period on storability of green olive fruits cvs. "bashika" and "khastawi"

Pages 23-31
Badran sabhan agha; Nameer nageeb fadhil


The use of locally produced biochar in improving soil physical characteristics of two different textures soil in Ninivah

Pages 32-38
Nadia A. Alkheero; Mohamed T. Mahmood; Mohamed A. Khatab; Ayad A. Alkheero


Possibility of Using Remote Sensing Data and Computer Programs in Preparing Agro-Ecological Zones Maps

Pages 39-49
Taha A. T. Al-Jawwadi; Jasim K. S. Al-Rawi


Influence of wild Oat (Avena fatua L.) seed depth in soil under different date of sowing after spraying treflan herbicide on growth and seed production

Pages 50-54
J. A. Hayawe; A. S. Hamd


Evaluation water distribution pattern for The Floppy Sprinklers.

Pages 55-62
Qays Sami Saeed Hamdan


Modification properties Groundwater for Irrigation Use By Magnetic Technique Of Some Wells Kirkuk city

Pages 63-69
Alaa Imad Hameed


The Genetic Action and Determine the Amount of Dominant and Recessive Genes in The Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Pages 70-80
Yasir Hamad Hummada; Jasim Mohammed Aziz


Effect of bio-fertilization on improved yield components and maize productivity Zea mays L.

Pages 81-91
Q. S. Sh. al- Kadhim; S. M.I. al-Jobouri; J. M.A. al-Jobouri


Impact of supplementary irrigation on yield and physiochemical characteristics of six bread wheat varieties (Trilicum aestivum L.)

Pages 92-101
Mohammed A. Al-Nori; Ari S. Y. Brwari


Combining Ability Analysis Using Half Diallel Cross In Wheat (Triticum Aestivum. L)

Pages 101-110
Jasem Mohamed Aziz; Yasir Hamad Hamady