The level of farmers how application Agricultural technology of tomato in Sharaqat district - Salahedden Province – Iraq and its relationship with some variables

Pages 1-13
Ali Ahmed Ghaidhaib; Fires Ibrahim Rahim; Mohammed umar Alshareef


Effect of replacing nigella sativa meal insteed of soybean meal on productive performance and physiological performance of quail

Pages 14-22
D. Th. Younis; R. I. Saead


Effect of ginger supplementation on microbial contain and coefficient of stress and some productive performance of Quail

Pages 23-31
Mahmood Adul Aziz Al-Sulaivany; Saeb Y. Abdul-Rahman; Ihsan T. Tayeb


Response of Oranges (Citrus sinensis L. ) and Lemon(Citrus lemonL.)cv.Eureka seedlings to Foliar Spray of Thiamine and Some Growth Promoters 1.Vegetative traits

Pages 32-39
A. M. Abd Al-hayany; Nisreen Muhammed Hathal


Effect of altitude and nitrogen fertilization on some vegetative and flowering parameters and essential oil percentage of lavender plant (Lavandula angustifolia)

Pages 40-47
Al-Atrakchii Ammar O. A.; 2Yousif H. H.; 3Amjad O. M. Al-Barwari


Physiological role of Pruning, Fertilization with Humic Acid and Spraying with Gibberellic Acid in Mineral Content of Grapevine Bea-denk cultivars Vitis vinifera L.

Pages 48-57
Merie R. S. Al- Baytie1; Ali M. O. Aljabary


Effect of Varities, Seeding Rate and Fertilizers Types for Snap Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) On: Dryseed Yield and Its Components.

Pages 58-70
Mohammed Talal A. El-Habar; Esraa A. AL Hussein Jasim


Effect Of Varities , Sowing Rate , Organic And Chemical Fertilizos For Snap Beab On : 2- The content of dry seeds of some mineral elements, protein, carbohydrates and the producd of green pods of nitrate.

Pages 71-81
Mohammed Talal A. El-Habar; Esraa A. AL Hussein Jasim


Effect of Humic Acid and Seaweed Extracts On Some Dry Seed Yield Traits in Two Pea (Pisum Sativum L.) Cultivars

Pages 82-96
M. S. Sulieman; A. I. AL-hubait


Effect Of Irrigation Levels And Iron Spray In Some Vegetative And Flowering Growth Parameters And Essintial Oil Of Lavender ( Lavendula Angustifolia )

Pages 97-104
Amar Al-Atraqchi; Yousif H. Hammo; Amjad O.M. Al-Barwari


Effect Of Foliar Application Of Zinc And Selenium Under Water Stress In Some Physiological Characteristics For Sunflower Plant

Pages 105-118
Hussien Mohammed; Jaafar Abbas Shamsullah; Thurya Khalaf Bedwi


Identifdication of Iron Oxides in Soil Using Infra-Red Spectroscopy

Pages 119-127
Adel Mawloos Saleh Al-Taee; Ghada Ahmad Al-Hashimi


Evaluation of Efficiency Performance of Some Wastewater Treatment Plants in Kirkuk City

Pages 128-133
Zuhair J. Juma; Tawos M. K. AL-Shwany


Classification of Artificial Forest in Nineveh by using Remote Sensing

Pages 134-142
Mohammed Y. Al-alaf; Faiza Ali Rasheed


Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer on The growth and Yield Traits of Two Varieties of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.)

Pages 143-149
Waleed Kh. Sh. Al-Juheishy; Muwafaq J. J. Al-Layla



Pages 150-160


A Study of the Functional Properties of defatted meal from some oilseeds

Pages 161-168
Reem Waleed Ayed; Ether Zeki Naji; Kameran Shukur Hussain


Effect of Imidacloprid on Mid Gut and The Hypopharyngeal Glands of Honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)

Pages 169-174
Suzan D. Hadi; Kameela W. Shaher; Abdulkareem J. Ali


Effect of some bio-fertilizers on improving the growth and productivity characteristics of maize Zea mays L.

Pages 175-183
Q. S. Sh. al- Kadhim; S. M.I. al-Jobouri; J. M.A. al-Jobouri

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