The usage of quantitive feed restriction by adding garlic poweder (allium satvum l) on productive perfor mance and carcass traits of broiler chicken

Pages 1-8
F. S. S. Al-Khateeb; H. N. S. Al-Mansour


The Vital Impact of the content of starter rations from degradable and undegradable protein on the productive and physiological performances of growing local Sharbi calf

Pages 9-16
Qussay Zaki Shams Al-dain


Effects of some hormonal treatments on the reproduction performance in Awassi ewes

Pages 17-23
Abdul Sattar F. Majid; Hamid I Ismail; Aslam S.A. Hamad


A Study Biological and Ecological of Poplar Leaf Beetle, Chrysomela populi L. (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae) In Kirkuk Governorate

Pages 24-29
Shaheen A. Mustafa


Effect of adding the microbial phytase to diets contained low available phosphorus or calcium and the both upon the broiler breeder chickens performance

Pages 30-35
Qanaa H. Amin; Ibrahim S. Kloor


Effect of adding different levels of tomato and ginger powders in the diets in productive performance and quality characteristics chemical of quails meat

Pages 36-44
Diyar jafar mohammad; Mohammed Sabah Baha Al-Deen


Effect of different levels of dried tomato- powder and ginger root pawder on the production performance and quality measurements for quail layers birds

Pages 45-51
Gulala W. Amin; Mohammad S. Bahaaldeen


Effect of hormonal program on blood physical and chemical characterizes in Awassi ewes

Pages 52-59
Abdul Sattar F. Majid; Hamid I. Ismail; Aslam. S.A.Hamad2 Hamad


Effect of Feeding Restricted dry matter intakes on nutrient digestibility, Nitrogen balance and some rumen and blood parameters in karadi lambs

Pages 60-68
Sabah A. Shamoon; Suzan M.N. Mohamad


Relationship between some blood and biochemical values of Awassi sheep and growth traits of their lambs

Pages 69-75
Zakaria A.K. AL-Salihi; Ayhan K. Mohammed


Propagation and Germplasm preservation of almond Prunus amygdalus in Vitro

Pages 76-87
Wisam Khazaal Khalid; Ammar Zeki Ameen Kassab Bashi


Production of synthetic seeds in almond plan Prunus amygdalus (local type) In Vitro

Pages 88-101
Wisam Khazaal Khalid; Ammar Zeki Ameen Kassab


Effect of seaweed (sea force) and potassium levels sprays on some yield properties of two strawberry cultivars ( Fragaria X ananassa Duch.)

Pages 102-113
Bahram Kh. Mohammed; Shler Taha; Bigard A. Mohammed Ameen


Effect of irrigation methods and Organic nutrient spraying on growth and yield of broccoli ( Brassica oleracea. Var. italica)

Pages 114-117
Ammar Hashim Saeed; Harith B. Abdul Rahman


The effect of plant spacing and spraying with humic acid in growth characteristics and yield of the fenugreek plant (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Pages 118-125
Hassan A.M. AL-Saidi


Study of some Physical and chemical Properties of some Wells, Springs and Aaw Spee river’s water of Qadr Karam district and their Suitability for drinking and Irrigation purposes

Pages 126-136
Sameera F. Muhammed


Effect of replacing wheat flour by corn flour and commercial starch on the quality properties of laboratory cake

Pages 137-142
Maha Muhammad Nafea Ali


Yield and Yield Components response to nitrogen split application and Leaves removal in Corn (Zea mays L.)

Pages 143-155
Saleh M. Al-jubouri; Omar A. Al-jubouri


Synergistic effect of Myrtle Myrtus communis L. and Eucalyptus Leave Eucalyptus camaldulenses L. Extracts in Pyrethroid Insecticide GEM 10 Toxicity against Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera: Dermestidae)

Pages 156-163
Mutassim Ibrahim Shamoon; Sahil Al-Jamil


Bioassay of some extract plants on saw toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis L.

Pages 164-170
Batool Abdullah Karso


Sensitivity of age, sex, length and nature of hair in the prevalence of head lice Pediculus humanus capitis Between The Students of Many Primary School in Kirkuk Province & control them with Plant Oils Anoplura: Pediculida ) Pediculus humanus capitis (

Pages 171-176
Saad Malud Zubaer; Amal Kamal Suleiman; Shaheen A. Mustafa


Effect of slaughtering in different slaughter houses on some traits of broiler chicken meat during different storage periods under refrigeration and freezing

Pages 177-185
Mustafa H. Mawlood; Zaid Kh. Khidhir


Evaluation of Coniferous Forest Growth in Pirmam Forest Supported by Geographic Information System (GIS) Techniques

Pages 186-194
Fuad M. Ahmad; Halmat A. Sabr; Talaat M. Muhammed

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