The Role of Agricultural Employees in Nineveh Directorate of Agriculture in Management of pesticide pollution and Relationship with some variables.

Pages 1-7
Roa'a M. AL-Chalabi


Effect of feed form (pellet or mash and their mixture) upon the some performance and egg quality traits of ISA BROWN layers

Pages 8-13
Sayghen S، Abdul Wahid; Abdul Wahab M، Waheeb; Mohammad I،A، AL-Nuaimy


The effect of the physical form of the diet (Mash, or Crumble, or their mixture) upon the performance and egg quality traits of the female quails

Pages 14-21
Enji N. Abdullah; Abdulwahhab M. Waheeb; Mohammad I.A. AL-Nuaimy


Response Of Some Lawn Grass Types And Mixtures For The Environmental Conditions of Sulaymani City

Pages 22-29
Ali O. M. Sharbazhery; Tariq A. Ahmad


Effect of nitrogen fertilization and spraying with gibberellic acid on the seedling growth of two cultivars of plum ( prunussalicinal. )

Pages 30-37
Nabil M. A. AL Imam; Mustafa N. M. AL Obaidi


Effect of day length and spray of Cycocel on Growth and Flowering of Poinsettia Plants Euphorbia pulcherrima (Euphorbia pulcherrima- red)

Pages 38-44
Eman Burhan Mahemod Ahmed; Kefaia Ghazi Saeed


Studying the Effect of Mannose, Fructose and Maltose Supplementations additive at Casing on the Productive characteristics of the mushroom Agaricus bisporus

Pages 45-51
Jamal J، Ahmad


Air pollution tolerance indices (APTI) of trees and shrubs For roads sides in Tikrit city

Pages 52-62
Ammar, F. K


Measuring The Accumulation of Copper and Cadmium Elements in The Vegetative And Root of Beta Vulgaris Plant During Two Seasons as A Result of Irrigation with Sewage in Kirkuk City

Pages 63-69
Heyam J. Ibrahim; Awaz B. Mohamm; Yasin M. Ahmad


The effect of organic fertilizers and drip discharge on soil physical properties, growth and production of Cucurbita pepo L

Pages 70-81
Bassam Aldeen Al Khateeb Husham; M. H. munajed; K. J. farhan


Effect of intercropping Agriculture systems on Mungbean and Crop Sorghum in some growth and Yield

Pages 82-91
AL-Salman T. B


Distebution Study In Some Microelements Under Different Climatic Conditions In Selected Soils From Northern Iraq

Pages 92-99
Qahtan D. Essa Al-Khafagi


The Study of urease enzyme activity in Cal careous Soils from northern Iraq according to the Season and Agricultural

Pages 100-106
AL-Salman T. B


Biodiversity Mix Natural Forest Distribution in Qara Mountain Region

Pages 107-116
Muzahim Saeed Younis; Saifaldeen Moad Moustafa


Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Some Quantitative Characters of Maize

Pages 117-128
A. R. A. Al-Jumaily; K. M. D. Al-Zubaidy


Technical and economic study to compare the performance of different wheat cultivation systems in Kirkuk

Pages 129-141
Hussain T. Tahir; Husam A. Matti; Yassen H. Al-Tahan


The effect of the conventional and modified subsoilers on the cohesion clay soil during sun flower crop growth stages (Helianthus annus L.)

Pages 142-152
Kawther A، H، Al-Mosawi; Bahaa A، J، A، Kareem


Researching about some Phenolic compounds in bees honey by high performance liquid chromotography technique and its inhibition effect of Robinia pseudoacacia stem canker disease

Pages 153-159
Ayaad jajan aldawodi; Anwer noori alkhero; Amjaad khalil almashhadani


Effect of some morphological and physiological characteristics for susceptibility poplar species of poplar leaf aphid infestation ، Chaitophorus euphraticus Hodjat. Homoptera: Aphididea

Pages 160-171
Shaheen A. Mustafa; Ismail N. Almaroof; Samer A. Hana


The effect of the feeding of Pistachio gall aphid Forda hirsuta Mordvilko (Hemiptera:Aphidoidea:Pemphigidae) in the galls histological structure.

Pages 172-176
Shatha H. Ahmmed; Nazar M.T. Al-Mallah; NabeelA. Mawlood


Population Density of Hairy Grain Beetle Trogoderma granarium (Everts)on some species of cereal Crops and Its Effect on the loss in grain weight

Pages 177-182
M. A. Mohammad; M. M. AL_Jarrah


Activity Of Pomegranate Peel Extract In Controling the Fungus Rhizoctonia Solani The Caused Of Damping Off Cotton Seedling

Pages 183-188
Kareem A.H. Al Beyati; Mohammed Hantoosh; Emad Adnan; Nehad A. Khamaas


Effect of Levels of Phosphorus and Iron on Growth, Yield and Quality of Flax (Linum usitatissumum L)

Pages 189-194
Akram Othman Esmail; Haifa Sadik Yaseen Akrawi; Bahar Jalal Mahmood


Description of click beetle, Melanotus dichrous (Erichson,1841) (Coleoptera: Elateridae: Melanotinae) from Kurdistan region-Iraq

Pages 195-199
Nabeel A. Mawlood; Nazar M.T. Al-Mallah; Shatha H. Ahmmed